Strong rains in Chinas Sichuan province has led to casualties


BEIJING, Sept. 19. In southwest China's Sichuan province, more than 2.6 million people affected by the floods caused by torrential rains. According to the newspaper "Chengdu Shanbayev", the most affected communities and Chzhunba Dazhou.

The city Chzhunba from disaster areas to evacuate more than 250 thousand inhabitants. In total, from the disaster it suffered more than 1.3 million people. Reported 13-year-dead. Another 10 people are still missing, according to ITAR-TASS.

In the city of Dazhou floods and continued past three days, heavy rains disrupt your normal life of more than 1.3 million people. From flooded areas of the city evacuated more than 320 thousand in Dazhou destroyed about 9 thousand residential buildings, direct economic losses estimated at 696 million yuan (more than $ 110 million).

In disaster areas are still working rescuers.

Recall, on the eve of at least 10 residents of the Shaanxi province in northwest China, were killed in a landslide, another 22 people are still missing.

Because of incessant rains on September 17 at about 14:00 in the suburban district of Xi'an Batsyao a mountain landslide, covering some of the brick factory and workshops of ceramic and porcelain products.

According to the local staff in the aftermath, the volume has come off the mass of dirt and rock was about 100 thousand cubic meters. m


13 people were killed, ten are missing as a result of heavy rains in Sichuan Bachzhun / Southwest China /, said the provincial Office of the flood.

Bachzhun City on Sunday suffered blows very powerful rain. As of 1:00 today, as a result of floods in the county Nanjiao six people were killed, 9 missing in Tongjiang County, five people were killed and one has been missing in the area was recorded Bachzhou the death of two people.

Currently, local authorities carry out intensive search and rescue operation.

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