Subscriptions to disclose their mouths shut

Investigators are beginning to take a pledge of secrecy of the investigation of the lawyers presidential candidates, which are related to the events of December 19.

"Lawyer of the presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich Oleg Agueyev signed an undertaking not to disclose the secrecy of investigation", — the press-service of the Michalevic.

The lawyer said that the health Michalevic good. No further details about the case lawyer said, as signed commitment nevydavanni secrecy of the investigation, "- said the press service.

"Detention A. Mikhalevich ends at 4:30 am on December 23. When to still policies will not be on the loose, it could mean that he is charged, "said the spokesman.

Suspects in the case of criminal offenses "Riots"17 people are, the human rights center" Viasna ".

Among them, former candidates Presidential:

  • Nyaklyayeu
  • Andrei Sannikov
  • Gregory Kastusyou
  • Mikhalevich
  • Vitaly Rymashevski



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