Sumerian civilization

Schumer — the oldest civilization on earth, made many discoveries, first invented writing, some of its cosmological myths confirmed by science.

The very appearance of the Sumerian civilization looks very strange, in the second half of the 4th millennium BC. e. appeared in southern Mesopotamia Sumerians ("Blackheads" Sumer. "Sang-ngiga" Accad. "tsalmat-kakkadi"). This was a people ethnically, linguistically and culturally alien to the Semitic tribes that settled in northern Mesopotamia, around the same time or a little later. Sumerian language, with its bizarre grammar is not related to any of the extant languages, race Sumerians also not known.

Invention of the Sumerian civilization

It was first introduced in Sumer and brick kiln for firing, multi temples and palaces, medicine and pharmacology, chemistry, herbal medicine, musicians and dancers, artisans and craftsmen, merchants and caravan, codes of law and judges the measures of length and weight, the first astronomers first observatory and the first mathematics, writing first appeared in Sumer around 3800 BC. e.


Sumerian mythology says that people are often in contact with the gods who came from the planet "Nibiru".

Archaeological studies show that in South Africa during the Stone Age were mining operations in 1970 in Swaziland, in particular, have been found mining areas with shafts up to 20 meters deep.

Experts argue that there is "mining technology was applied in the period after 100 000 years before our era." An international team of physicists in 1988, with the latest equipment to determine the age of settlements in Swaziland: 80 — 115 000 years.

And there were the bones of Homo Sapiens, people out there gold mined 100 000 years ago, why do people have to be gold in the stone age? And where it goes a huge amount of gold produced industrially? According to Sumerian mythology "gold mined for the Gods"

Sumerian cosmogony

Sumerian mythology describes the "gods" as in many respects similar to humans, the "gods" are working and can be tiring, Sumerian myth of the creation of man describes the reason for which the "gods" created people as helpers themselves, cause a person in Sumerian mythology:

"…. Then the gods because of the food, for the food, work began.

Elder Gods have the saddle,

Younger gods basket shoulders saddled.

Gods River, canals were dug, under the supervision poured earth.

The gods have suffered grievously for his life grumbling …. "

"…. The burden of the gods, their baskets, but will lay on him …." (The Legend of Enki and Ninmah)

"Gods" Sumerians came from a planet they called "Nibiru"

In Sumerian image solar system, located in the Middle East section of the State Museum in Berlin, at the center of the Sun is surrounded by all the known planets today, but one of the Sumerians placed great unknown planet (planet for 12 Sumerian system) between Mars and Jupiter.

This mysterious planet the Sumerians called Nibiru ("crossing the planet").

The orbit of the planet — very elongated ellipse, Nibiru every 3600 years crosses the solar system, there is a small digression, the 12th Planet of the Sumerians by the description is very similar to not "Proserpina" "fake" ("dummy" — the one that still has not been detected but the astrological the effect is already known) planet astrology.

Celestial Battle

Looks very entertaining "celestial battle" as described in Sumer, a disaster that occurred 4 billion years ago and changed the look of the solar system.

The collision of two planets with the emergence of the moon, (Modern astronomy confirms the information on this accident)

"…. At each other went Tiamat and Marduk, the god he is wise,

Rushed into battle, met in battle.

95 Network Lord pitched, its network of entangled.

Angry whirlwind that was over, he put before them;

Tiamat opened jaws — absorb it wants

He drove her to Whirlwind — closed lips she can not.

Her violent winds filled womb …. "(Fourth plate epic Enuma Elish)

Tiamat and Marduk is not just a "god" is a planet of the solar system

Tiamat according to mythology is the mythology of primeval elements, the embodiment of chaos, the personification of salt water of the ocean, Tiamat and Apsu wife is the mother of all gods. (A description of which was often given to the goddess of the Earth, such as the Greek goddess Gaia)

Marduk is one of the major gods of the Sumerian civilization, most likely "planet of the gods."

Modern astronomy describes this encounter as a clash unknown planet from planet Earth, resulting in a planet collided with Earth tore part of the surface, making the surface of the Earth looked like a volcanic lava, a lot of debris flying around the earth orbit and then there was "Moon."

Some inventions of the Sumerian civilization still apply kosmoginya Sumerians portrays all known planets and another unknown planet (though Pluto was not discovered until March 13, 1930).

Sumerian civilization was probably one of the most mysterious civilizations.

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