Summer snow in Wales, UK

Snow-covered peak of Mount Snowdon — the usual postcard view of the local attractions. But if you think that this photo was taken in one of the winter days, then you are wrong.

This winter landscape was photographed Friday afternoon in mid-June, a few days before the start of Wimbledon and just over a week before the summer solstice, reports

Many parts of the UK this week have been embraced by drought due to the very warm and dry spring period on record. In Wales, was also very dry. Not surprisingly, then, local residents have been particularly surprised by the incident.

"It started during the lunch break, the snow came in an hour," says Jonathan Tyler, manager of the railway center of Snowdon.

"It's cold was not the people who are here, were simply stunned. At the bottom of the hill it was summer, and winter came upstairs," he added.

"It's unheard of for such cases in this area," says a leading weather forecast on BBC Behnaz Ahgar

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