Summit Snow Leopard will be held in Bishkek in 2013 — WWF

International summit on the conservation of wild snow leopards, the Red Book, it may take in the autumn of 2013 in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan, said the director of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Igor Chestin.

"This year, as in Bhutan was the second ministerial meeting on tiger conservation, the delegation of Kyrgyzstan offered to host the heads of government summit on snow leopard conservation in the autumn of next year in Bishkek. They officially announced that all invited," — told RIA Chestin News.

In this case, the agency believes that the summit can go along with the meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), since all of the snow leopard range countries belong to this organization.

"The purpose of the meeting — to increase the financial support for the conservation of this species, which work through anti-poaching brigades. This is effective: for example, increasing the number of leopard because the increased security. Countries will agree on a result — for example, to increase the number of inspectors or to create new protected areas "- added Chestin.

In his view, such a forum would be to repeat the success of Tiger Summit, which took place in autumn 2010 in St. Petersburg, which resulted in the adoption of an international strategy for the conservation of the rare predator.

Snow leopard (ounce) is an endangered species. The Red Data Book of the Russian Federation and was awarded the first category — "look, which is under threat of extinction at the limit of the range." The total number of snow leopards in Russia, according to the experts of WWF-Russia is not more than 80-100 individuals, most of whom are concentrated in five key groups in the south of the Krasnoyarsk region, Tuva and Altai Mountains.

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