Sun will stop life on Earth



Anxiety fears of a global disaster in 2012 revived. Because of the abnormal solar activity may fail all the electronic systems on the planet, and it's completely paralyzes life of civilization, say astronomers.

Experts have calculated that the peak plasma perturbations on our star can fall on the opening of the Summer Olympics, which two years later, to be held in London. In this case, the strongest emission of the solar wind will result in damage satellites, disrupt the electrical and computer networks. The most pessimistic forecasts are as follows: the world can not see the TV version of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2012, a solar storm will knock signal.

Astronomers say that it was in 2012 will have a 50-year peak of stellar activity. An indicator of the intensity of solar disturbances on the Earth are the polar aurora. Most of the planet is protected from the bombardment of particles of the solar wind with the magnetic field. At the poles, protection is weak, because it is in the northern and southern parts of the earth, and there are unique lighting effects. At the same time strengthening the aurora fails navigation equipment. It is possible that some parts of the world for a few days will be disconnected from the Internet.

Solar activity is cyclical: the average time is from 9 to 14 years. Previous peak plasma perturbations, accompanied by intense geomagnetic storms on Earth, was recorded in 2000. At the same time, NASA experts have calculated that the next wave is expected in 2011. But now, thanks to new data from the orbiting station SDO, the date of "solar boom" was adjusted.

It is expected that the series of solar disturbances in 2012 will be more intense than the peak in 1958, when abnormal auroras could watch the residents of the southern regions of Mexico. Most of our star in the summer of 2012 will grace the sky of southern Europe. It is predicted that Aurora will see, even in Italy.

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