Tatarstan has six children away from their parents because of the lack of local residence

Family of Tetyushsky region of Tatarstan, is fighting for the right to educate their children. Officials decided that no local residence and work record of the parents do not have rights. Therefore, six children were taken without warning to the shelter. Human rights defenders with the authorities do not agree.

The right to life with nine family Yakovlev own children now have to defend in court. Social Security officials of Tetyushi decided, without the stamp of the local residency and work record, Sergei and Elena did not have the right to raise their children and have filed a lawsuit to limit parental rights. Six kids in the middle of December without notice and consent of the spouses were taken to a shelter.
"They're here because not registered, lived there without registration. This is not a termination of parental rights, and the restriction, they can improve the situation for 6 months ", — said Deputy Attorney Tetyushsky Tatyana Khazova region of Tatarstan.
For Elena, this meeting with the first moment that children selected and placed in an orphanage. Two months ago, with the youngest of the sons, she was in the hospital. Then Sergei went to visit his wife and one night asked a neighbor to look after the other children. On return, waited outside the house is a whole commission officials.
"Knock at the door, I opened it, they began to climb all the cabinets, test, photograph, they have dressed and drove away," — says Yakovlev daughter Xenia.
In Social Protection believe that children without parents will only get better, and the baby was taken away so they do not starve.

"We have no bias, this was not an end in itself, put children in the orphanage. Just received information that the mother in the hospital, "- explains Chairman of the Juvenile Tetyushsky region of Tatarstan Vitaly Trofimov.
Children back to the family now help lawyers Committee for Human Rights of the Government of the Ulyanovsk region. Human rights activists believe: Tatarstan officials violated the rights of parents and children.
"We do not believe in this case that such measures were justified by taking away children and settling in a shelter in a violent manner," — says the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Government of the Ulyanovsk region Galina Edwards.
Yakovlev now decided to sell the house in Tatarstan and return to Ulyanovsk. After a Yakovlev took away six children in the house, bought two years ago for maternity capital, they no longer appear, because they fear local officials. Recently, the house was robbed by unknown and brought two computers, television, and several bags of groceries. Process to limit parental rights, the court decided to move from Tatarstan in Ulyanovsk, the place of registration of Yakovlev.

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