Thailand continues to struggle with the elements: a state of emergency

Thailand continues to struggle with the elements: a state of emergency Getty Images.  Photo: P.Bronshteyn

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra urged people to leave Bangkok lowlands move higher. She urged residents of the capital to move things to the upper floors of buildings in order to save the property from the risk of flooding.

The Prime Minister urged the people not to panic and calmly start preparing for a possible flood. Shinawatra has warned that the government can not guarantee that water will not flood the streets of the Thai capital. Authorities are going to try to reduce the load on the dam holding back the water pressure around Bangkok by opening some locks and flushed through the channels.

Monsoon rains that began three months ago, this year has caused floods in the northern and central regions of Thailand. Disaster victims were more than 300 people, tens of thousands of people became refugees. In the Kingdom introduced a state of emergency.

The Indian government has provided assistance to Thailand in the amount $ 200,000, to express solidarity with the people affected by the disaster. Earlier, the Indian Foreign condolences at the loss of life caused by flooding in Thailand.

Factory of Japanese camera manufacturer Nikon, based in Thailand, remains closed. The ground floor was flooded with water on 12 October, and has since failed to recover from. Company spent 400.00 dollars to fund assistance to the population in the disaster area, despite the fact that the plant no injuries.

Flood-affected as plants of other major foreign companies, including, Sony.

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