Thailand is hidden under the water

Unprecedented in its intensity during the rainy season continues flooding the countries of South-East Asia. Dead from floods in Thailand and Cambodia, there were already 221 people.

The victims of the torrential rains that began in Thailand in mid-July, were already 160 people, three missing. Hit 57 of 77 provinces in the country, is currently under water 23 provinces. All of the elements from the end of July in Thailand affected about two million people. The most common diagnoses were pneumonia, colds, severe fatigue, and muscle pain.

During the floods destroyed thousands of buildings, including 1.7 thousand schools and 230 hospitals. In some provinces had been declared a mass evacuation of residents. In neighboring Cambodia in the past two weeks, the floods killed 61 people.
Experts estimate that in Thailand flooded area of 809,000 hectares. This is 11 times greater than the territory of Singapore, the ITAR-TASS news agency. Hardest-hit are affected central and northern provinces of the kingdom. Flooding also affected Thailand's capital Bangkok, then began flooding the streets along the river Chauprayya. Since Bangkok is just two meters above sea level, the municipal services to strengthen coast concrete beams and sandbags. As expected, another atmospheric front brings to Thailand and Cambodia, the new rains.

It should be noted that the rainy season in this resort country usually begins in late May — mid-July. In the center of Thailand and on the eastern coast of strong rains in August — September, October — usually the last month of the wet season, when large volumes of water have accumulated in irrigation systems and urban drainage, resulting in at any intensity rains are quite severe floods. By November, the rains stop, and there comes the cool dry season, which lasts until mid-February.

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