The aliens are flying to the Earth. UFO approaching.


On Monday, one of the sites there was a cryptic message. Leadership campaign amateur SETI (the project on Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) says that the earth is flying armada of aliens. So. Astrophysicist Craig CASS said that several very large objects rapidly approaching the Earth.


He recommends to go to the card space on the site http://sky-map. org and enter the coordinates of the UFO: 19 December 25 — 89 46 03 — the first large object 16 19 35 — 88 43 10 — a cylindrical object 26 February 39 — 89 43 13 — the object as a circle objects are now in the constellation BS2-47 + .06 . The project participants are assured that the facilities are absolutely real.

The objects photographed by really look like alien ships, but the fact is that they are just as easy to take for congestion, for example planets. The only thing, as evidenced by the photos is the fact that there really is something there, says SETI (http://www. Seti. Org /). News commentators are not so positive. Since objects like stars, many assume that this brandy. Wittiest, the author suggested that the required cymbals are flying to a meeting.

"I have been in touch with my former colleagues in SETI.

They informed me that this is definitely the alien ships, they are in contact with them via HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program — the program of studies of high-frequency Active Auroral) — U.S. research project to study the aurora. The project was launched in the spring of 1997, Hakon, Alaska. The project is featured in numerous conspiracy theories, including the claim that HAARP is a weapon geophysical or ionospheric) "- writes a site member SETI.

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