The aliens have chosen Earths oceans


It is in the water element of the oceans UFOs are much more often than in other parts of the world, about 50% of all reported encounters with flying objects falls on the oceans.

About the visits of other planets can be found if carefully examine such facts as the manifestation of an absolutely smooth crop circles of unknown objects flying over cities and towns, the glow in the water and the unusual phenomena in the same underwater world.

Back in the distant Soviet times for meetings with the unknown told submariners who watched pop out of the water or on the turnover of her sinking strange objects. These facts at the time attributed to enemy forces conducting various tests of new technology. But the facts remain facts and the world began to see messages about new encounters with UFOs water expanse of the oceans.

For example, off the coast of Puerto Rico, during the exercise, USN witnessed unexplained phenomena. Military exercises were conducted in order to develop in the real discovery erupting on the protected area of the imaginary enemy submarine. During the next stage of the exercise, they found an unidentified object movement, which, according to the recorded instrument readings, was at the depth of the ocean at a speed of 150 knots or 280 km / h. To explain this fact it was not possible as the modern nuclear submarine in combat equipment and submerged do not reach speeds of over 45 knots.

Quite often manifestations of UFOs in the form of a glow and sudden dives and watch the ups and sailors representing Eastern Siberia, reports At the depths of many kilometers of the largest lake in the world Baikal, they often watch the glow that resemble the spotlight and flashing lights they compare with sheen welding. Sometimes from the depths of the lake fly strange objects that are in appearance very similar to the discs and cylinders.

In the same lake Baikal, in the summer of 1982 members of a scientific expedition discovered the strange creatures that call — people amphibian. Catch and study at least one of the representatives of the unusual appearance and failed, but in close proximity to consider unusual creatures happen to many people.

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