The Americans built a gulag. And stocked coffins


Michael Sinel'nikov

Alaska, all night, full of fire …
Alaska, why you ruined me?
Alaska, I — your permanent prisoner
Killed youth and talent in your snow …

No, we are all the same, unlike the Yankees, the rabid optimists. Had that (war, global disaster, epidemic, a collision with a comet), the Russian State Reserve is stored canned food, warm clothing and other "matches". America is zatarivaemsya … coffins.

As reported by "Russian Line" Anatoly Artyukh, near the city of Atlanta in Georgia found procured by the Federal Agency of the United States Emergency Management (FEMA FEMA) and the U.S. government in the amount of plastic coffins to 1 million units. And the sizes of them, to say the least, bizarre: for example, in the most capacious "final packaging" can put as many as 5 people. Imagine overturned wardrobe, and get an idea of the "mass grave" in the American way. Of course, the question arises, who is to be buried "fives" and who is rewarded with an individual refuge. Criteria suggest readers to think, the more it — not all the strangeness of the American ministry.

In addition to the coffins run FEMA camps are numerous opinions (still empty), scattered throughout the United States. Some of the "zones" built or repaired recently. Existing camps coupled with Presidential Executive Order allows the head of state and the Department of Homeland Security (of which FEMA) to exercise control over "national key functions" in case of "emergency", which do not exclude the possibility that "the camps will be used to force American citizens to sign with unconstitutional purposes. "

And these people forbid us to pick your nose! At least (even at the least!), No one in Russia and can not think of the idea of "reopen" Kolyma. Although such occasions and we have a little more. Permanent anti-terrorist operations, terrorists, extremists — would be enough to fill anyone Siberia. One only thieves and corrupt officials on nabezhit whole "echelons" of the Stolypin cars. However, the restoration of the Gulag is something we do not hear anything. Is America the situation is even worse, if so required stocking coffins (for mass shootings?) And vast areas for potential cons?

While the official explanation, to which the U.S. is preparing for the apocalypse MES, was forthcoming, despite persistent demands and requirements there the press. Journalists just state: "By the camps summed railways, many even have their own airports. Like Auschwitz, some future prisons are equipped with air-tight buildings. Most of the "zones" designed for the maintenance of 20,000 prisoners. The largest "reservations" located near Fairbanks (Alaska), and in the case of what may take up to 2 million people. The purpose of these "pens for people," the vast majority of the population is unknown. Therefore, they are multiplying around the rumors and gossip: some believe that the buildings are designed for deployment of the UN occupation forces, others — that … For millions of Russian army! Few people realize that all these preparations — not for kakih-nibud aliens, and to those who are Americans. Currently the camp empty, but they are fully staffed security "- said the site

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