The ancient world of images in Vedas

Sacred Vedas has long attracted the attention of more and more researchers. At first, scientists in Europe have seen them only patriarchal poetry and later they discovered they are not only the source of all Indo-European myths and all the classical gods, and skillfully organized cult, deep spiritual and metaphysical system.

Immediately reservation that under the Holy Vedas we understand all the Vedic heritage that has come to our time, as well as those scriptures that are now available to us for some objective reasons.
Existing in the spiritual literature of the concept of "Russian Veda" and "Veda of ancient India" — is essentially the same, except that the "Indian" Vedas — this scripture by the Indians on the basis of Russian Vedas. Language of the Vedas — an ancient Slavic-Aryan world of images.
In the classic work of E. Schure "great initiation," the author explicitly states: "The grandiose images … poured down the broad stream of the stanzas of Vedic hymns, are only the outer shell of the Vedas." Let's try to fully realize this seemingly ordinary phrase.
Edward Schure considered "Indian" Vedas, through the lens of science and social attitudes of the time. It is known that the texts they studied the Vedas were written in Sanskrit — the language of ancient India, originally intended for worship and the use of priests, the Brahmins. Sanskrit — Samskrta — an artificial language, brought to perfection. More precisely, in Russian the word sounds like samskryt, ie language itself [ouglublenny] Private [] will.
From the official history of the ancient world as it is known that in ancient India (Dravid), there were two pryamoprotivopolozhnyh cult. First — Moon cult of the goddess Kali (Black Mother Kali) — native Dravidian cult and the Nagas. This cult was inclined to idolatry, human sacrifice and black magic, deify blind nature and violence of the elements. This cult favored polygamy, polyandry and tyranny, based on people's baser passions and fears. Second cult — Vedic, its distinguishing feature — masculine, solar cult, Slavic-Aryan religion. This cult is introduced to Dravid outside, from the north, in the investigation of the Aryan `s first trip to the area with Dravid Holy Race (Belovodye, Siberia) in the summer of 2817 on the creation of the world in the Star Temple (2691 to RH) … Schure characterizes him: "Around it connects all the most pure of the Vedic tradition: the science of the Sacred Fire and prayers, esoteric concepts of the Supreme God, respect for women and the cult of the ancestors. At the heart of imperial authority elected lay and patriarchal beginning. "
It is this fact, the simultaneous existence of a Dravidian and Nagas above two cults spawned a phrasebook nonsense as "Hindus — Aryan people." Vedic cult of confession does not give the right to approve the above, since the Aryans (correctly — x `Aryans) belong to the Great Race, ie to white people, and the Dravidians and naked, which is called "face did not come," because from birth belong to the Negroid peoples.
Despite the fact that modern history crook brings us to the fact that prior to the Christianization of the population of the Russian state was illiterate and did not have, allegedly, of his letter, relying on features and cuts — so-called Slovene national letter (the , sometimes even forgetting about the Glagolitic). However, the Chronicle of Ancient Ingliisticheskoy Church Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings to the contrary. In ancient times, the Slavic-Aryan people, there are four main messages — one for each main genera of the Great Race (main genera of the Great Race — that `yes Aryans, x` Aryans Raseny and Svyatoruss).
Yes `Aryan letter — was based on the crypto-hieroglyphic images, x` Aryan letter — priestly, aired runic images with special Rasenskoe figurative mirror writing, modern scholars call — Etruscan inscriptions. Holy Russia letter, now called — velesovitsa, survived thanks to an enthusiast, stood up for the preservation of ancient Russian culture, as well as all kinds of different derivatives of these four forms of writing.
When we read in E. Schure, "The word Veda means to know" — it surely makes Rusichi a smile as to a Russian translation in this case is not needed. The word "Veda" — native Russian word. Moreover, in the Aryan `s letter had a corresponding Rune" Vedas ", the image of which is the Wisdom, Knowledge.
But let us return to the phrase Schure of "grand image" of the Vedic hymns. He is absolutely right in this definition. Perceived image — then dump it from the perception of physical, mental and spiritual. Mix of different uniform image creates new single image, so is the Great Mystery of Creation (Excerpt from the lesson on the basis of connection Runes. "Karuna", textbook x `Aryan language Slavic-Aryan Seminary). The influence of individual images Rune so large that can radically change the meaning of the image of several Runes.
Ancient forms of the Slavic-Aryan written built on a system of imaginative perception, ie on the principle of transmission of thought forms a coherent volume. Researcher occult heritage Fabre d'Olivier and his followers misunderstood similar letter (ideographic — yes `Aryan) — as images of things or events by means of signs. But right when E. Schure mentions: "only the outer shell of the Vedas." This is what is missed Fabre d'Olivier, he did not consider the existence of spiritual and mental images, and therefore was far from understanding the true nature of the texts of this type of writing.
In contrast to the ancient forms of writing modern writing is based on the transfer of the flat thoughtforms with sounds. Contemporary — phonetic writing only needs to depict the various sounds by means of letters, which ultimately leads to the loss of images. What is needed is the latest?
The perception of the original image a majestic picture of the universe, because it allows only a brief and space to convey the beauty and completeness. Actually the very use of the ancient Slavic Aryan written especially priestly letter was sent in order to be able to pass certain images, not just two-dimensional structures, but also multi-dimensional, temporal and timeless.
We proceed from the general arguments and phrases for specific images hidden in the Vedas. Let's start with a simple — images of individual words. For example take the Veles book that mentions a certain "calotte Kiev." Compiler of the book, Mr. A. Barashkov (aka Aces, he's Booth Kresen), though written comments, however, are not familiar with the transmission of ancient thought forms shaped, saw the connection between the Scythians and the Kiev underground. Moreover, this relationship seems to have been established on the basis of their harmonies words "Scythia" and "calotte". But the text of Veles book not recorded phonetic letter and velesovitsey — Holy Russia a letter — a letter runic type. H x `Aryan Runic has the appropriate Rune" calotte ", which is the way: a settlement of a people, no temples, but with the city to conduct rituals for the offering trebischem bloodless victims and sanctuary Kummirami to the sermons in the open. A. Barashkov also defines calotte — like land, other than the edges of the Ants. If we take advantage of imaginative perception velesovitsy, the meaning of the phrase "God created edge Ants and calotte Kiev" will be different: "Ants Obzhiv edge, as an area in the center of the region have created settlement called calotte and erected a fence around it (Kie, drevleslovenskoe name fences, fence of poles, Sp — drevleslovenskoe short for "Skeet" — a settlement, city. usually was put in the middle or end of the name of a place where a settlement, or after the name of the founder of the settlement, such as MediaWiki (now Novgorod) — the settlement was founded by Prince Slovenia, Omsk — settlement on the river Om), and it belongs to the Edge of the calotte Ants. "
Not once in the text of Veles book, translated by A. Barashkova can find the word "slave." However, the question is, where did the Slavs in general could be such a thing. After all, the Slavs had no slaves, and unlike the "civilized nations" — the ancient Greeks and Romans, they did not exist at the slave system, the entire population of Russia was free people.
This paradox is easily eliminated — because instead of the word "slaves" in the text of Veles book was written the word "fish".
We now turn to the "Bird Songs Gamayun" that as the "miracle" became "Star Christmas Carols book" under the pen of the same florid A. Barashkova, take liberties with the ancient wisdom. In particular, the First tangle tells of the life on earth came from outer space. "Before the birth of the white light was pitch darkness enveloped the world. Was in darkness only Rod — ancestor … was our first Rhode concluded in the egg … ". Comments Barashkova unwittingly pushing the reader to other ancient sources, the Torah (Five Books of Moses, the beginning of the Old Testament of the Bible), as if to show, look! the Bible is the same: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters "(Bytie. 1, 1-2).
But the ancient Slavic images tell a different story. In space, darkness reigns, white light manifests itself only in the presence of a transparent atmosphere of celestial bodies (land), and the observer must be on the surface of the celestial body. "Egg" — an image of a space object of spherical shape, in particular celestial body spaceship.
Move on to more complex examples of imaginative perception of the Vedas. "Read the egg after egg Koschei that broke Dazhbog (correctly Dazhdbog) our, causing a flood" (Seventeenth Tangle, bird songs Gamayun. P.129. "Russian Veda" Moscow, 1992). The image of this phrase is: Dazhdbog — a real historical person, not mythical "dark" Slavic population, according to the academician Dmitry Likhachev, a veteran of the Assy (Great Assa — Heavenly battle between the forces of Light of the World of Darkness), destroyed (broke) the first satellite, which was located military base Koschei (the aliens from the World of Darkness), the enemy of the Great Race. Flood described here was the first in the history of the Earth — is the pre-Biblical Flood. The consequences of this flood — the disappearance of the territory of ancient ancestral Slavic-Aryan peoples — Daarija (Hyperborea, Arctida, Arktogeya).
Here is how the event is described in the "Santee Perun Veda": "You live quietly on Midgard, since ancient times, when the world is firmly established … remember from the Vedas, the deeds Dazhdbog he violated an Koshcheev strongholds that were nearest the moon … (on nearest the moon — it's about the time when above the earth shone with three moons: Lola, Fattah and Month. Lola-closest to Midgard-Earth, the Moon, with a period of 7 days. This is reflected in modern astrology, where the Black Moon and White. White — Lola, with a period of about 7 days, Black — Fatta with periodoi treatment 13 days (hence the fatality.) Samih satellites Midgard does not exist, but there are their images, or energy clusters, astral proektsii — as you like — and these energy clusters continue to have much the same effect, for people like former Moon "). Tarkh not allowed to destroy the insidious Koshcheev Midgard is destroyed … These Deyu Koschei, the rulers of the Grays, vanished along with the Moon in poluchasti … (poluchasti — poluchast, ancient stopgap shares = 648 time (18.75 seconds). Midgard, but paid for freedom, Daar hidden … The Great Flood Waters of the Moon, the flood had done, on earth from heaven they fell rainbow, because the moon was split into parts, and Ratiu Svarozhich down to Midgard "(Svarozhich — Svarozhich in ancient times was called not only the Gods, but fireballs fireballs , meteorites, plasmoids falling from the sky and fireballs.) How would echoing the "Santee Perun Veda" "Bird Songs Gamayun" Svarozhich also reported: "And will go to Earth Svarozhich — terrified souls."
You can cite a few figures of speech of the seventeenth Tangles "Song birds Gamayun": "The sun in the darkness" — watch the sun from outer space, and not from the surface of the Earth; "turn Svarog Circle" — changing tilt of Earth's axis and its orbit due to the fall the Earth remains the second satellite of the Earth — Fattah, as a result, the second great flood destroyed Antlan — land Ants (Atlantis). To an observer on the Earth's surface has changed the position of constellations in the sky, that is, The sun no longer pass through the constellation Aquila — "and the eagle — decoration heavenly light will not give you a relief!" "… And Stribog calm sea." — Stribog Slavs called the planet Saturn, which at the time (the fall of the remnants of the second satellite to Earth subsequent Flood) was located closest to the Earth, extinguishing its super-powerful pull of disturbance on the surface and in the interior of the Earth (the closest to the Earth was located — that is, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are in opposition to the Earth, because it is a Sun and Saturn are in conjunction with the Earth, that is located on a line from the Sun).
More complex images hidden in the "Santee Perun Veda" (Wisdom of Perun) held the priests of Ancient Ingliisticheskoy Church Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings.
The value of certain Russian Vedas lies in the fact that the original letter preserved texts. For example, the Book of Wisdom written Perun x `Aryan runic letter, Veles Book — Holy Russia runic letter — velesovitsey. Even worse is the case with "Bird Songs Gamayun." Since the creation of this was created by A. Barashkov songs Bulgarian Polabian collected in a collection titled "Veda Slavs." In the future, trying to "improve" this work Alexander I. created the "Star Christmas Carols book" where thoroughly confused a lot, bringing, for greater effect, Bible stories both on account of certain facts, and purely stylistic. Here, the author has published its vision of the starry sky of Slavs and on top of everything else, established the canon of his "Star of the book Christmas Carols."
According to the structure of his, This book is divided into twelve Vedas — a strange number for Russian Vedic tradition. The number 12 is more characteristic of the Eastern tradition (China, Tibet, Japan, India, etc.), as well as Christian. For Slavic-Aryan peoples characterized Nine and hexadecimal number systems, the so-called Aryan `s base. In addition, the so-called "Veda Carols" in the course of the text mentions miles and Columns — are measures Pyadevoy number system, which directly indicate the size Vyriya (Garden of Eden). In order to understand what the values of our ancestors operated enough to give one simple example, one of the smallest particles of time, the Slavic-Aryan people, was called — Whitefish, Rune portrayed it as lightning. The most rapid movement from one place to another is defined as — 1 signal, hence the old Russian expression: whitefish, siganut. Why then is 1 whitefish, in modern units of time? Response raises any, contained in a second 300244992 whitefish, whitefish and 1 is approximately 30 electromagnetic wave cesium atom, taken as a basis for modern atomic clocks. Why did our ancestors needed such small quantities? The simple answer is to measure the necessary processes. For example: the ancient expression whitefish, siganut — in the modern "Soviet" language means — to teleport.
Mr. Barashkov tried snapping of a Slavic system zvezdovedeniya eastern astrological system (read Christian). They invented 12 great eras that correspond with the 12 zodiacal signs, which the author came up with their Slavic names. Now, many scientists do not realize, but the common people, and say no, that the Slavs did not have any sign, as this word is not Russian, and Greek and it means — the circle of animals. Annual road Yarily the starry sky of the Sun, the Slavs called Svarog Circle. Svarog Circle itself divided than 12 characters, like Barashkova and 16 and they are called — the choir or Halls, which in turn are divided into nine rooms each. Thus Svarog Circle consisted of 144 parts and each part has its unique match Heavenly Fleece.
Timeframe for the era of Alexander I. somehow uses Chronology of Christ, and apparently the author of "Star Book Carols" this fact marks the beginning of a new era. The last is strange, because it is a Russian Vedas, not the epistles of St. Paul. Calendar, which was used by the ancient Slavs and Aryans who lived in the Holy Race (Belovodye) and Russenia (Latin name Ruthenia — Russia), it is not similar to the one which is used at present. In the summer months (in a year) of the Slavs was 9, not 12, as the Christians. Slavic month contained 40 or 41 day but not at 30, 31, or 28 (29) days, as in other Middle Eastern and Eastern nations. Slavic Week consisted of 9 days instead of 7.
In the last song, "The Vedas Beloyarov" Barashkov offers read 3 days a week — Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. All the trouble's in the fact that in ancient times, the Slavs were generally medium, and Sunday appeared only in Russian-speaking Christians. Belarusians, Ukrainians, Poles, Czechs, Serbs and other Slavic peoples, the last day to this day is called — a week. The ancient environment was not rusichej — triteynik, and for Friday were: shestitsa, sedmitsa, osmitsa and Property of the Week — the day in which a rest from his own works (do nothing).
Particularly rich misunderstandings notes the author's own writings. Since the island of Buyan, it appears, was located, allegedly, in the Black Sea. But even Pushkin have his location, so something, and wrote: "In the East Sea, the ocean, the island of Buyan." If the Black Sea — the east, then what is considered the Western Sea — Baltic perhaps, the island of Rügen? Do not assume that the author accidentally mixed east-west and north-south, he does it intentionally pursuing a purpose, and what it does not open. In our view, visible only one goal — the distortion of the ancient Slavic-Aryan culture, faith and traditions, its replacement by the artificially created based on Christianity, and psevdoslavyanskim psevdovedicheskim, or more specifically — the pagan cult.
In comments AI Barashkova, Wii (Wii — god of the underworld) is the same as the equations (Nij — God of the seas and oceans) — analog. Although the Romans spoke of the last "Sea of Nij out in Thun," Nij in Thun — Neptune. At least, Nij can not be the king of the underworld, perhaps — underwater. Sees no fundamental difference between the notions of Mr. Barashkov: Iriy, Vyry and Svarga. And yet there is an ancient rune "Vyry" — the image of which is identified with the divine Earth, the Garden of Eden, a place where to send the Slavs, after a righteous life on Midgard-Earth (Midgard-Earth — the planet Earth). Fleece "Iriy" — which means the image — Sacred White River, for pure light. There are two Iria, Iriy Heavenly — milk with a muslin river banks, ie Milky Way and Sacred Iriy — the modern river Irtysh, Il-Tisch, Iriy quietest. "Svarga" — means the union of heavenly land where live the Great Race, ie it is a broader concept than "Vyry" (Celestial Lands — planets in different star systems.)
If we now think about it in that sense and image phrase that gives us, in his edition of Alexander I., "Velez doors open in Iriy", it is not clear how we can open the door to the river — it is the gateway? Another thing, if the text will be the word 'Svarga. " Especially in the ancient and the ancient Indian Vedic texts, a phrase a long time ago and there are even sound the same, and in the ancient Slavonic, and Sanskrit: "Deuteronomy SVARGA Vles utensils", ie Heaven's Gate opens Velez. (Swarga Dwar utensils Vles — Swarga Dwar — Heaven's Gate Skt., And others Slavyansk. Svarga — Heaven Svarog Devarim — doors, gates, utensils — open, open (Sanskrit and other Slavs.) Vles — God Veles) .
According to the theory of Mr. Barashkova Nav — resists Reveal (Reveal Nav unclothed below). However, I beg to disagree with it. Many of our great ancestors going ahead on the river of time, after the death in the World Reveal hits the world, Navi, and what, now — we are with them have become enemies to each other? Or by thumbscrews all the ancestors of the Slavs — navyam (Navi — (other Slavs) souls of the dead), and we just prepared for hell, that is, Slavic Sunshine (Sunshine — Slavic hell)? Of course not! Much more precisely what the world Reveal world around Navi. Reveal above are bright worlds Navi, home to the souls of our Native ancestors, and below are Reveal Dark Navi worlds inhabited by all sorts of dark spirits and demons. If it is possible to oppose something Reveal World, so only the dark layers Navi centered in hell.
Here it is appropriate to consider, and not too many flaws in the works of Alexander I., in fact in this article is a small part distortion, speculation and juggling, author of "Book of Carols Star"? The answer is simple. To materialize and the existence of thought necessary to have a clear image of her formative, because, if there is no such image, mental images of perception would be incomplete and difficult. Any thought that is incomplete and unfinished, clogs various information fields and continues to exist on its own in search of the missing pieces of information.
Defective thought forms are interconnected, turn into some information viruses that primarily affect the way people think. Penetrating into the human brain, these information viruses, the disease can permanently damage not only the psychic system of a person, but also a system of thought and consciousness.
Rune incorrectly inscribed as not properly create a thought-form bears an incomplete, defective image, which destroys the smooth, harmonious system of the universe.
Thus, each of the books relating to the Russian Veda describes certain events actually occurred original, imaginative, secretive language. For these or other characters and concepts are hidden very definite object, person or action that took place before and in any way connected with the White peoples of the Great Race. Just put together they can give a true picture of the history of the peoples of the Great Race, including "pre-earthly" life span. But in addition to this information in the text of the Vedas Russian hidden also Wisdom of the Great Race, and it is hidden from the uninitiated people. One of the commandments of God Ramhata reads: "Do not let the hidden Vedas to those who turn them into evil, but to the destruction of all life." Shape the text to the ancient Vedas plays a dual role: the concealment of sacred truth — historical, spiritual and emotional plan — from the uninitiated, and at the same time, the opening of the truth to those who understand the true meaning of the ancient figurative writing. A wise man in a special way reveals the image of each Rune in the text, and their complex relationship reflects the reality. People unable to perceive images, embodied in the text of the letter litsezreet only the shell. Despite the fact that the Holy Vedas has long attracted the attention of researchers and all new followers, the deeper meaning of the Vedas was hidden from them (followers — here means blind worship of the ancient Vedas (mostly Indian Vedas), without going into the deeper meaning in various newly Vedic communities, societies, brotherhoods and sects). Initially, various scholars have seen in the Vedas only mythical legends, fairy tales, poetry, and later they discovered in them a source of all Indo-European classical gods, but, recognizing the artfully arranged ancient solar cult, they have not penetrated the deep historical, spiritual, emotional and metaphysical system .
We have inherited from our ancestors rich Vedic heritage that has come to our time, how is it that now, people have lost the ability to imaginative perception of writing.
First of all, changed the letter itself, turning from the ancient runes (figuratively) into a modern phonetic (sound). Around the turn of the 4000-anniversary of the SM (Middle of the 2nd millennium BC), the Phoenicians, the Mediterranean merchants, navigators, who gave the world a new message, consisting of 22 characters, called kvazialfavit. The basis of this is the ancient Hebrew alphabet. But unlike the last Phoenician letter was not figurative, but purely phonetic. Gradually, as the "perfection" of the phonetic alphabet, began smashing continuous text into words.
In the middle of the 5th millennium SM (9-8 century BC), the principle Phoenician writing was borrowed by the Greeks. Later Runic was forced out of the use in the Mediterranean, as the phonetic writing in everyday life was simpler. It is worth noting that the ability of imagery to convey meaning and perception of the world in the texts had only Childbirth Great Race and descendent of heaven, other (non-white) people do not use a form of runic letters, such as characters, etc. Egypt, China and Japan, or cuneiform writing of the ancient Assyrians and Babylon.
To Russia phonetic letter reached with Christianization, when two clever semi Olympic monk Cyril and Methodius, at the request of fellow Kiev land was transferred to the Slovene (Slovenian — the general name of the people of Slovenia, living in Slovenian (others called. Novgorod north) and inhabited famed, Slovenia, ie Novgorod. Slavic language does not exist in nature, as there is no language of the Christian, or Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic or Protestant) Biblical language texts using the translation simplified Slovenian alphabet, ie of 49 Slovenian drop caps, they used only 39, bringing "new" alphabet, in addition, four Greek letters W — omega, K — xi, J — psi and F — Fitou, so there was a Church Slavonic alphabet and Church Slavic language who lead the Christian life. But this does not mean that the population of Russia was illiterate, ignorant were the first Christians, which is why it was originally passed down orally, and the teaching of his master Jesus Christ (Jesus Christ — the spelling of the name corresponds to the old rule, which is used by Russian Christian Believers and followers Jesus in the Ukraine and Belarus. spelling of the name Jesus was introduced by Nikon in the 72 th century from the SM (XVII c. AD)).
In this regard, in the celebration of days, "Slavic Writing and Culture" in the Russian land Slavs (Slavic — another name for the followers of Ancient Faith — Ingliizma who the gods and ancestors to their glory sings tokmo those are — the Slavs) never participate. This holiday is always celebrated only by Christians, because language — Cyrillic — this is purely ecclesiastical language intended only for Christian worship. More correctly described this holiday — the "days of Church Slavonic Literature and Culture."
After Christians, the reform of the Russian alphabet and the ancient languages have different specific and grand dukes and kings. "Outstanding reformer" Russian figurative language and alphabet was the first Russian Tsar Peter Romanov. He tried before, which is not only a new alphabet, a new language and new orders entered, but all ancient history ordered rewritten anew, brought from Europe "learned" to foreigners, as he (Peter) was comfortable, even for people invented the tale of the Tatar- Mongol yoke and other woes. Subsequent participants of this action, to destroy Russian figurative language or as VI Dal — of the Russian Language, were: the Bolshevik-Leninists eradicate Russian people in his figurative language, or rather the Stalinists decided to create instead of the Russian people and the Russian language, the Soviet Soviet people and the language, and now they have been replaced Democratic reformers who continue the work of his predecessors have dirtied the great Russian language foreign words, the meaning of which they do not understand, and the camp jargon.
What do we have now? From our modern, post-Soviet writing almost completely disappeared images. Words are made up of "dead" letters. To whom should this impoverishment of our Russian letters? Certainly not by the Russian people, and those who are in power and believed that "a lot of knowledge — a lot of sadness," and the like. Representatives of such forces are sincerely trying to present Rusich, and all Slavs distorted history, culture and traditions. Comes to the fact that historians "experts" claim that the runic symbols were used in ancient times for magical operations barbarians and pagans Runes disappeared along with the ancient belief that, of course, absurd.
The oldest in the world Slavic-Aryan Religion — Ingliizm — still alive, as if unwilling to reverse certain anti-Russian, and antiariyskie antislavyanskie forces and their servants. The word — religion, means the transfer of knowledge and the Ancient Wisdom from generation to generation. Purpose Ingliizma — to preserve and transmit the Ancient Wisdom for as long as society does not return to the pristine level of spirituality and intelligence, to Harmony.
So historically that the only ones who had hitherto preserved and is an old form of writing, it is Orthodox Old Believers-Ynglings using ancient runes, and the righteous Believers Christians initially used the Cyrillic alphabet.
That is why the invaluable role of the ancient Vedas and the Russian general Vedic devotion as the source and contents of the vessel, which is surrounding the ancient Slavic-Aryan wisdom, preserved for us and our children by our wise ancestors.

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