The anniversary of the beginning of the modern liberal protest in the Russian Federation

In November and December 2011, before the parliamentary elections in RF, protests began under different slogans, chief among which was the first: "For honest elections." Skilled and experienced people, who once was a member of an election commission, he immediately seemed fictional, but many took it at face value. The following acts and the investigation confirmed the wickedness of this motto, but the spark thrown cooked on firewood discontent turned into a flame. In the capital of meetings began in the stands flashed all the familiar faces, but not only them, there are also new. The movement here is saddled an old guards of liberalism that eventually became his failures. Soon became clear, and the very essence of the protest. It was a movement against Putin against the latest test of the liberal pro-Western revenge. Follow-bared and cashed contradictions and by the time of the presidential elections once again in RF clashed head-on Westerners and Slavophiles, in their modern guise. This time, defeated the second, but it is not unblemished winning idea. This is a victory authority of the leader, inspired the idea. And what next? Let's try to look to the future, looking back into the past.

The anniversary of the beginning of the modern liberal protest in Russia

In the history of RF this is absolutely not the first case of political activation of the society on the basis of slabomotivirovannoy antipathy to the current government. With some slip of the tongue can compare this situation with the situation in the post-reform of in the 70-90 years of the 19th century. This phenomenon is fairly well described by the classics of Russian literature and has been called "devilry". But even such giants of thought as Dostoevsky had difficulty in analyzing the cause-and-effect relationships in the dissection malomotivirovannoy dislikes Russian "devilry". Especially since no one today is amazing disparity in the estimates which takes place at the moment. But the situation asks comprehension and, as the classic: "… Homeland pregnant again another genius." Time will surely hear and see.

But in comparison with the time of the "devilry" segodnyaschy the situation is more clear. This is explained by the fact that during the twentieth century in the system of political pluralism in the throes of completely crystallized four main ideologies: this is a limited, democratic, liberal and socialist. At the crossroads of ideologies, increased weight of symbiosis, for example, are very fertile were Democrats. There are a huge number of varieties: the Social Democrats, the Liberal Democrats, National Democrats, the Christian Democrats, the constitutional democrats, etc. More diverse and more. Within each ideology are constructive and moderate. So long ruled by Communists in the Soviet ideological verification will be left, constructive Social Democrats and the Socialist Revolutionaries, and from whom originated.

One of our classic taught: "… the people need to apply for short slogan, calling, then understand." Another read: "… in order to understand the essence of the picture, you need to tilt the scale and imagine the story painted with coal." Armed with this technique, without going into details of each ideology and pseudo-scientific throwing hordes of locusts can be short and concise design a creed every ideology:
— Limited — defending and protecting the interests of families, accessories and traditions;
— democratic — defending and protecting the interests of the majority, formed in the election;
— Liberal — upholding and protection of minorities;
— Socialist — defending and protecting the interests of the working classes.

With this tool will try to dissect our current Russian situation.
Help us in this analysis of the broad artistic and political literature of the late 19th and early 20th century, which gives a picture of the subsequent "devilry" of events. Applying the ability to extrapolate, we are not very encouraging perspective:
— As in the past, the main drivers and participants in the protest are enthusiastic layers biased, okolotvorcheskoy bohemians and intellectuals, office plankton (at the time the clerks and young bureaucrats) and students. Then it was called "Land and Freedom" at the moment "liberals." Then, and for the moment did not really knew what they were fighting for. Then even the possibilities are not the dumbest people Herzen, Chernyshevsky, Pisarev and others is not enough to construct a clear purpose. At the moment this situation.
— As in the past, people are protesting, in most cases, are not poor. Marsh hobgoblin Ksenia Sobchak, arriving on marshy travel on the path of "House-2" in the "Rain", his sighted eye of the mothers lioness immediately diagnosed the situation clearly, calling this action "revolution mink (in its unique slang magnus … tyh) fur coats." The nail on the head.
— As in the past the opposition is powered from abroad. From the beginning, she is constantly running around for advice and to study at foreign embassies and over the hill, lives and fights for the AT and the countries, that is to say the enemy's grandmother. And that's not good, in Russia this majority does not understand or approve. For many centuries, the Russian Federation this failure, no matter what the opposition have devastating and the enemy, the other did not happen.
— As in the case of the "Will of the Earth and the" broad masses of the people, the workers and not, nothing figured out incomprehensible moo liberal opposition intellectuals. I mean, and what these dissenters actually want and that they are going to do. Their eyes, lifestyle, aspirations and slogans reminiscent of most of the people some of extraterrestrial nonsense, which has no relationship to the provincial daily life. And for this reason, the mass voted unanimously for the King, so as he laid out clearly and directly what he wants and its previous board revealed that the guy he is generally true, although in some places without concepts.

— The elections have once again demonstrated that the democratic government by liberals did not take. And nothing unusual. This follows from the system of liberal values, of which the core value is: "upholding and protecting the interests of minorities." Even if the magic happens and all minorities, sexy, liberal, national, social, religious, etc. vote for the Liberals, typed on the strength of 15 percent, despite the fact that this is a very optimistic outlook. For example, of social minorities, liberals obviously motivate only the rich, the poor relax — you are indifferent to them. Of national minorities they are exciting only the interests of the 1st, God's people. For example, just remember one of the first decrees of the Central Executive Committee. It was called "On the most oppressed nation" and gave such a fantastic franchise that ethnic minorities that in the 20 years, the government had to back out and introduce quotas limiting their consulate in all spheres of life of the Russian republic. Their consulate in a multiethnic country came to delirium, sometimes up to 100%. They so far can not forgive Stalin these quotas and crave revenge. So the Tatars, Bashkirs, Chechens, Yakut and other minorities, relax — you give them a little bit exciting, but the path to power as the electorate. About sexy and religious minorities say nothing, not i
n the subject. Obviously, with such a small electorate can not win democratically. So they decided to stir up the "snow mink revolution." Approximately also stirred up and "Zemlevoltsy", but the election was not there, and they immediately stirred up "peasant revolution", but then the workers, as well as at the moment, together, they were sent to the three Russian bukovkoy.

— Alliance of Liberals and Democrats emerged during the adjustment on the basis of anti-communism cave. It was an alliance of the snake and a hedgehog, and he could not be sturdy and long-lasting. Now we obviously litsezreem that the interests of liberals and Democrats differed dramatically, because the basic democratic value — is "defending and protecting the interests of the majority that emerged in the course of the election," and the Mensheviks who defend the interests of minorities, nothing to do with business. To protect the country from a fundamentally liberal and any color revolutions to further develop and enhance our democracy. This liberal protest after the December 4 — a kind of test for our democracy.

— But it was defeated, they then do not settle down. In impotent rage, they begin fiercely nepriznatelny intolerable, stupid, latent xenophobic and criminal, in their opinion, the people, which sent them into three bukovkoy. In the nineteenth century, after the defeat itself, they fled in terror. And now some symptoms are alarming. These half-mad antics Udaltsov, permanent shares dissenting Nemtsov lazy strain, in truth, not much. But the action Pussy Riot more alarmed. This is the kind of clan "devilry" a stupid. One of the participants brought with him to share 4 year old daughter and dad overage. Oh, that's really an apple falls far from the tree. Showed that bitch on TV, fanatic, let the bomb in hand — throw without hesitation.

— In the history of the Russian Federation was pretty when a bullet, bomb, a knife, a rope, a vial of poison unfolded country at 180 degrees. And recent history with the advent of the Damned Bears, I mean Gorbachev to the kingdom — it is dark and unclean. In this opposition impotent rage Tale is capable of anything. Very alarming such as, for example, point. The fright-eared Ksenia Sobchak constantly takes on "The Rain" and interviews with supporters of Putin's enemies. In adherents she asks, "that you are defending him so, he did something to lose?" Those, to our shame, muttering something unintelligible, and the answer is something simple to excesses. Yes, threatened. In an interview with the opposition constantly exaggerates the theme of protection, motorcades, snipers on the roofs, cleaning the streets of a tuple. Inspire philistine, it's all overkill. The goal is clear as day. Try to lure out under guard. For what? It is also clear.

— Our young democracy very fragile and vulnerable, it is based on several chieftains and, as now revealed by a 10-s millions of adherents and sympathizers. Millions of supporters and sympathizers in the absence of real leaders, and in the presence of turbidity control are simply converted into biomass perestroika. Would ye believe, want not, but he beheld, as millions nebezgramotnyh and absolutely not the dumbest people in the 80's were praying in the telly on a 3-quart jar with water, around which Chumak muttered something and twisted hands!! ! And if the tricks of Pussy Riot — the flowers, the antics of a group with very appropriate title "War" closer to the berries. These criteria Wanton "devilry" hunt to tell an old and sacred words: People!! Stay alert. Preserving the social world.

With the kind of opposition protest clear. Chances it was not much, and they could be implemented only in the criteria is very feeble power that instead of fighting would engage in self-flagellation, as once Gorbachev Soviet Communist Party. But it did not work out. Well, the very opposition seems to have more interest the process itself, and not its end.

And what about power? What epistemology, dialectics and metaphysics of its victory? Elections will not last, because you need to win and on. But that's a topic for another article.

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