The arrests, hunger strikes, the tears of parents and children

Lists of detainees and convicted of a protest on Independence Square in Minsk on December 19 and 20 continue to fill up the names of opposition activists from the regions. Police and KGB day and night await their apartments, many detained and taken to the courts.


Fast convicted Yuri Zakharenko, Yury Klimovich, Valery Slyapuhin

Yuri Klimovitch

Punished arrests Yuri Klimovitch, Yuri Zakharenko and Valery Slyapuhin — trustees of the former presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski, Nikolai Statkevich and Vladimir Neklyaeva — a hunger strike. Now they are in the Gomel detention center. They seized on the streets in different parts of the city for allegedly using foul language: Mr. Klimovich — December 18, Zakharenko and Slyapuhina — Dec. 19, on the main day of voting.

All three at once taken to the police station, and then — in the infirmary. And in Monday, December 20, secretly taken to the courts, where, based on police reports were punished for alleged disorderly conduct administrative arrests.

I cry and I do not know who this sentence — the son or me …

Says Galina Germanovna, Mother arrested for 12 days Valery Slyapuhina:

"Yesterday I found out: it turns out, they went on hunger strike. The one who was on duty in the prison, I asked, "Why did you not take the food? Everyone says that you can transfer the food. " And I answered, "They are on a hunger strike, they do not eat the food."

Galina resents the actions of the authorities but such election:

"In many cities pohvatali guys. I do not understand what this election? So as you can — this is not anywhere! Either in Ukraine or Russia. I have a boyfriend — my right hand is the golden son. In their headquarters near the tank on Uprising Square, he went out — under his arm and led him away. I was crying, he did not know who was given 12 days to him or me … . "

Wife arrested Yuri Zakharenko, former Marine officer, trustee presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich believes that the arrest of her husband for 12 days — this is in some sense better than would be:

Yuri Zakharenko

"In this situation — this is the best outcome that can be imagined. If he drove to Minsk, the situation would be unpredictable. He would not quit Statkievich — I know for sure. He would be there. I think that it would be arrested there. "

Yuri Zakharenko police seized on Dec. 19 at half past five in the morning, when he left the house to get to the station and go to Minsk.

The daughter of activist Catherine explains why the police seized his father:

"I think that my father one of those people for whom going. When people take away, which can go for others — those who are silent, does not have a natural courage, but I would like to say — and they remain in place and do not move. Therefore, take away people like my father, for the period of such companies — in order to be less activist. "


The detentions and convictions continue

In the second half of the day on Dec. 22 court of the Moscow district of Brest sentenced three detained members of the BCD for five days in jail. Yuri Bakura andAndrew Sharenda charged with foul language, andDmitry Shurhayu— Disobeying a police officer.

A day earlier, in Minsk, was sentenced to 13 days Marat Nesterenko. UCP activist detained on the Square in Minsk. His mother Svetlana Nesterenko says that at first did not know anything about the fate of his son:

"Human rights activists demanded that the lists were drawn up. Communication is no no. Yesterday did not take any gear. Marat is on Akrestin. "

Detainee's mother is convinced that the rally was peaceful. Mrs. Svetlana says that a positive attitude to the social and political attitudes and activities of his son, however, experiences a lot:

"He was detained when he saved the girl in the crowd. She was beaten policemen. She fell in the crowd could trample her. My son was about to leave the square. It was quite peaceful action. And when Marat began to rescue this girl, I do not even know who she is and from where, and detained him. "

Lukashenko avenges his fear.

Wife arrested at night in Brest Andrew Sharenda Pauline says that detention in Minsk and in the regions now show a stir authorities:

"Lukashenko was terrified. Now he takes revenge for that. In addition, it can be treated and mental characteristics of the person. "

Family Sharenda unanimous that until political views.

Svetlana Nesterenko not believe that voting results announced by the real thing. It is to divert attention from the fraud, and needed a brutal crackdown:

"Some people wanted a crackdown. For some, it is profitable. All provocations were planned. None of my friends, none of the people I know did not vote for the current government. And according to the CEC for some reason turned out almost 80%. "

Vitebsk Region

The money for the fines collected by the students

Fined 150,000 for participation in the rally on December 19 Veronica Stashulenak of Miory raised money for her bandmates fine of Philology State University, where she is studying. By the initiative of students and teachers joined. The official reaction by the school to arrest the students yet, says lecturer Faculty of Philology Sergei Smotrichenko:

"There was no official reaction was not. And from students and some teachers solidarity is strong. We have four girls detained in philology, and Veronica Stashulenak — the only one issued with a penalty. Students immediately created a community "vkontakte" to support, to raise money. And at the moment I had on hand 256,000. This means that the fine Veronica, we can already pay, and, of course, still find whom to support. "

Friends say that Veronica has gone through a lot of stress. A student support has become commonplace, says YSU student Ekaterina Stepanova from Vitebsk. With Veronica Stashulenak they are familiar with the school years:

"Veronica Stashulenak — very petite girl, and it's frightening to imagine that the police could beat her! She Miory — from the small town of Vitebsk, she has not a rich family, and it's just great to have her classmates collected money for the fine. "


YSU students also collect aid for detainees and convicts:

"They were 12, six have already been convicted. Given them for 15 days, only one girl — 10. Many of the detainees — a very serious injury. We collect things for them and write letters of support. Also hanging in the foyer of the YSU list of detainees on the walls — portraits of detainees with captions like "Hang on, we are with you." And hanging white-red-white flag with a black ribbon. "

Paul writes Seviarynets from Riga, Tashkent, and Sweden

On the support even from outside Belarus says Constantine Seviarynets, Father Paul Sevyarinets, who is now in jail, and who faces 15 years in prison on charges of organizing an unsanction
ed rally:

No one can bring us to our knees. After all, we are on our land, we Belarusians …

"Here people call in, support, and even offered money. And if I do my page in the "Classmates" Belarusian-made, then started writing from Riga, in Tashkent, even from Sweden. They write: "Hang on, we are with you". And about Paul not heard nothing yet. Eldest daughter Annie wore him pass, then did not take. Instead, there was a BT, and filmed as they carried the wrong gear. "

Paul's mother Tatiana Sevyarinets now in Minsk. It so happened that on 18 December, she buried her old mother, and the 19th son went to jail. In Vitebsk she will come when we will know something about Paul. And Constantine Seviarynets who did not go to the area, because not so long ago suffered a massive heart attack on the detention of his son says:

"I want to say to these investigators that my son never carried a" grinding "and has never held an ax under his coat. And I'm proud of my son — for the fact that he has principles and is afraid of nothing. I am for health reasons could not be there, but I want to tell these brave guys, if they can hear me — and a candidate for president, and the head of their staffs who are now sitting in the "American girl" — I'm there with them, my heart there . No one can bring us to our knees. After all, we are on our land, we are Belarusians, but because: "Long Live Belarus".

Grodno region

"Son of a garden was told that his father in jail …"

Relatives and friends of the detained participants of the Minsk Square with events at the Grodno region — on the side of their loved ones, some even going to the Christmas and New Year celebrations across the walls of the prison in Akrestsin.

Yury Istomin

Yury Istomin, head of Hrodna regional UCP, sentenced to 13 days. In Grodno his parents live, his wife and two young children. His wife Helen is now much ill and could hardly speak. She said only that she was helping relatives and friends.

Mom Yury Istomin, Tamara, grandson leads to training and to the garden. It is completely on the side of his son George, believes that the peaceful protesters dispersed illegally, and generally it is for people to have the opportunity to freely express their ideas and demands.

Istomin"I do believe that a person must be in office to two terms. Because otherwise he having royal manners and unpredictable actions. So it turns out that nowhere is nothing you can say, all related contracts, are afraid to talk and go out to protest. "

Tamara says it is proud of his son, who is not afraid to stand up for their beliefs. However, it is very frightening his future and the future of his children. Her to tears struck question grandson:

Istomin"Yesterday he told me that my father put in prison — so he was told in the garden. I told him that he was on a business trip, and the child asks — when the Pope comes, what gifts to put under the Christmas tree? . "

Ivan Bedka from Slonim — retired, he was sentenced to 15 days, and is serving his sentence in Zhodino. His youngest son, Dmitry on the square was not, but would like to ask a question to the authorities — for which arrested people? He looked through BelSat broadcast all night and it was mayhem Government House staged provocateurs.

Dmitri himself does not participate in political activities, but his dad knows and says that after these events even more proud of him.

I'll meet the New Year, where my daughter was detained.

Bedka"Because he defends himself and other people. For it was he, I know exactly has nothing. And how many times have I asked him — why do you? And he says — it's not only me, but all people need you, grandchildren … . "

Gorodenco daughter Nina Krapivina, Hope, sentenced to 15 days. She is studying at the Faculty of History of Lublin. Hope believes that people came to the peaceful area not destroy, but only to support their candidates, and have every right to be.

Mrs. Nina says her daughter never would have screamed slogans and ugly not to bully public buildings. The mother knows that raised a daughter as an honest, having citizenship, and that it fully supports.

Mrs. Nina also said that she help relatives and friends of his daughter, but still she says she decided to celebrate the holidays that are coming, next to her daughter.

Krapivina"I have good friends who are invited to visit, but I decided that I note these holidays where my daughter was detained. I'll just stand there to be close. "


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