The biggest storm recently hit Chicago

The biggest storm recently hit Chicago

7/12/11 About 45000 customers were disconnected from the electricity supply on Monday night. To blame for a series of powerful storms that swept through the Chicago area and its environs in the early afternoon, according to

Representatives of the power company said it was the largest blackout associated with weather conditions over the past 13 years. In general, the complexity of 868,000 people have been disabled.

Power outages were also reported in other cities.

In Chicago, a strong gust of wind broke the tops of large trees, trees fell on homes in Rockwell and Howard. Strong wind tore the bushes and flowers in the flower beds of «Home Depot» and scattered them on the North Avenue, which is why there have been delays in the movement of vehicles.

Some of the trees in the park were uprooted. "I could not do anything, I just stood and watched," said Mei Volstead whose car was damaged by a falling tree. "I was within a couple of minutes before it happened …," she added.

People who voluntarily participated in the evacuation of those who stayed home. One of the victims said: "I decided not to stay because my apartment was very hot and I was breathing heavily."

"But some people still refused to leave his dark and stuffy room.

Seven people were injured in the collapse of a large shopping tent, near the college "of the Seas." Cook County sheriff's deputies and two workers suffered minor injuries.

NBC 5 meteorologist Brant Miller said that severe weather has left the region at the moment and satisfactory weather conditions expected on Wednesday and Thursday, rain is possible only on Friday.

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