The British issued a legendary record of materials on contacts with UFOs


After 30 years, after the U.S. Air Force pilots observed Rendelshemskom forest near Woodbridge air base in the UK luminous unidentified object, published audio recording of their negotiations with the United States Air Force Lt. Col. Charles J. Holt.

Previously released only transcript of the recording — the Americans have refused to make public the very audio recording in 2002, when the British government declassified documents "Rendlshemskomu case." This writes

These documents provide evidence of the officers of the Air Force United States who served in the UK, at a military base near the forest Rendelshemskim have Ipvicha. They saw a luminous unidentified object had landed in the forest Rendlshemskom in December 1980.

This case is considered to be one of the most serious of UFO sightings in the history of man. He is considered the British equivalent of a UFO incident in the United States in 1947, when the spacecraft with aliens aboard crashed in the American desert in Roswell, New Mexico.

December 27, 1980 United States Air Force officers went into the woods to investigate the alleged plane crash. Instead, on the site of the alleged crash they saw the triangle, "a strange glowing object". He floated in the dark and pulsing blue rays.
The main evidence in the case — report U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Charles J. Holt, entitled as "Strange Lights". Lt. Col. described in it as he saw the glowing sun-like object moving through the trees.

It all started when, as the two patrolmen from the U.S. Air Force's secret police noticed "unusual lights" outside the military base. After the permission of the authorities to conduct an investigation, two officers and one patrol base went into the forest to determine the source of light.

In his report, Lieutenant Colonel Holt writes that the officers found in the woods a strange glowing object. "Outwardly, it looked as if it was made of metal. It was triangular in shape object about two to three meters at the base and approximately two meters in height."

"This object is illuminated the entire forest with white light," — wrote in his report to Charles Holt. — "At the top of the object pulsing red light, and under it glowed blue lights. Seemed that the object is either floating in the air or standing on legs."

The next morning, Lieutenant Colonel and his men found in the ground at the place where the night was an unidentified object, three recesses each — seven inches in diameter. The radiation level at this site exceeded the norm by 10 times, according to a 179-page archive of the Ministry of Defence.

Later the British Ministry of Defence has put forward the theory that the officers could see the beams located next door to the lighthouse Oxford Ness. By assumption, ministry staff, who took this strange report, the lighthouse beams could be distorted branches in the forest at night.

But the next night in the woods was seen a second unidentified flying object. "It seemed that the object emits a glowing piece, and then it was divided into five separate white objects" — said in a Royal Air Force military reports.

In one of the declassified British Ministry of Defence said: "No evidence of threat to Britain's security was found. In the absence of any compelling evidence of the threat, the Ministry of Defence does not comment on the incident."

The documents on "Rendlshemskomu case" there is a note in which the British asked the U.S. to transfer audio recordings made by them that night. Americans rejected this request.

UFO researchers claim that the pictures and record the incident were taken by American military leaders.




Transcript of record (c the discovery of military UFO)

Holt: 01:48 night. We hear strange voices in the barnyard animals on a nearby farm. They behave very strangely. Voice is very loud and hectic. Animals too much noise.

Voice (one of the accompanying Holt): Some kind of flash.

Holt: You have just seen the light? Where? Show me where?

Voice: To the right of that point. Right in front of us, between the trees. Here it is again. Look — right in front of us, its light interrupts the light of my lantern, sir. Here it is.

Holt: I also see that. What is it?

Voice: I do not know, sir.

Holt: It's something very strange, a little red light, he seems in a quarter of a mile from us, maybe a little further.

Holt: Now that light travels. It is about 120 degrees from the place (Expected UFO landing the previous night. This place is a group of officers arrived to make measurements of radiation and take soil samples and burnt trees.)

Voice: It's heading in the opposite direction.

Holt in the opposite direction?

Voice: Yes, sir

Holt: Immediately extinguish their lights. Let's go back to the lumen of the trees to get a better look at what it is. Look, look at this in a night vision device.

The light is still there, and the animals were silent. We stand at about 110-120 degrees in the direction of place. We have measurements on the Geiger counter.

Holt: Arrow tipped the scales, three to four, it becomes stronger.

Voice: Now this thing stopped: Now she rises: Continues: about four feet above the ground, the compass direction of 110 degrees.

Holt: about four feet above the ground, about 100 degrees, as the figures for the Geiger counter? There are four clicks?

Voice: Yes, sir (sneezing). Now he dies.

Holt: We just stumbled upon the first bird we met in the woods tonight. We at 150-200 yards away from where yesterday was spotted a strange object. Around silence.

Holt: There can be no doubt — there in front of some strange flickering red lights.

Voice: Look! It is yellow now!

Holt: I saw a yellow light too. Hell! Look, do not you think that he was so moved? It was brighter than it was before. He's moving in that direction, it is definitely moving in this direction. It seems that on this thing fly off pieces. Yes, it is. Some hell.

Voice: Now the two lights. One spark is just behind, and one on the left.

Holt: Do not turn on your lights. There's something very, very strange. Turn off your radio. Give me your.

Voice: He still moves:

Holt: Glowing parts flying off of him again:

Voice: Sir, it moves to the right.

Holt: Yes

Voice: Just right

Holt: It is strange! Let's get closer to the edge of the forest. Just do not turn on their lights. Careful. Come on.

Holt: So, we're looking at this thing, we are about two or three hundred yards away. It looks like an eye winking at you. Until now moves from side to side. And if you look at the night vision device on it, you will notice that this thing is deepening, a dark hollow in the center. It is like the pupil looking at you winking eye. And it flashes so bright in the night vision that almost burns your eyes.

Holt: We have passed the farmer's house and cross the field. Now we are seeing up to five light spots of the same shape. It seems that they all died down a bit and did not pulsate and shimmer red.

Holt: We just crossed the creek and now we learn that the counter shows:

Voice: Three clicks on the counter. Once again we are seeing strange lights in the sky.

Holt 02:44 night. We are on the far side of the field and looking in the direction of 110 degrees to our mark. It seems that they go to the coast. They're right on the horizon. Move slowly and blink from time to time. They have ceased to sparkle again became red.

Hult: 3:05 night. We see a strange glow strobopodobnoe, quite sporadic, but there's definitely something there. Some kind of phenomenon.

Holt: 3:05 approximately 10 degrees to the horizon, due north. There are two strange object, they are similar in shape to half of the moon, as if they are jumping in the sky, make a sudden movement, colored lights on them.

According to my estimates, they are about 5-10 miles away. Maybe a little less. Now they have taken the form of a perfect circle, but within a minute or two to this transformation they can be seen for some blurred.

Holt: 03:15 Now we see an object in the south, 10 degrees from the horizon. And those in the north, move. One of them away from us.

Voice: They are removed very quickly.

Voice: This right away from us, too.

Holt: They're both heading north. Hey, this is also in the south began to move, he heads straight for us.

Holt: We see now, it seems a beam that goes from one object to the ground.

Holt: Unbelievable.

Holt: At 3-30 objects still in the sky, though, seems to be the one that was in the south, fell slightly. We moved around and is now heading back in the direction of the base.

Holt: The object in the south still casts some rays on the earth.

Holt: 04-00 hours. One object still hovering over Woodbridge base about 5-10 degrees above the horizon, moving erratically and moving away from him to the ground some rays.

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