The car can be controlled by thought. (VIDEO)


The German engineers have developed a mechanism for driving the vehicle with a device that interprets the signals sent by the human brain.

The project is implemented by a group of Brain Driver AutoNOMOS, acting at the Free University of Berlin. It is part of a larger program aimed at the creation of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles.
"Lab rats" for young professionals was constructed by them machine MadeInGermany — Volkswagen Passat Typ 3C, equipped with radar, cameras, GPS sensor and laser detection and ranging (lidar), which create a three-dimensional image and transmit it to the dashboard.

As a control interface MadeInGermany tested the iPhone and iPad, as well as a system that monitors the driver's eye movement. In the end, the researchers settled on EPOC device company Emotiv. This device, resembling a headset is based on the principle of electroencephalographic (EEG) recording the electrical signals of the brain using 16 electrodes, it allows you to control virtual objects on a computer screen by moving them apart.

With the help of special software installed on-board computer, the driver was able to control the rotation of the steering wheel, as well as the movement of the accelerator and brake pedals.




Although the system has been tested, the researchers emphasize that this is only a demonstration of the interaction between man and the vehicle, and on real roads it while doing nothing. Brain Driver opportunities limited to a set of simple commands, and do not allow to perform complex maneuvers, and the commands themselves are transmitted with a delay. However, in our era of man-made from the idea to its realization may take quite a bit of time …

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