The Cossacks will be allowed to carry guns and military will protect municipal structures

The Cossacks will receive a permit to carry weapons of war and will protect the state structuresRussian Cossacks have the opportunity to receive military tool and create a security structure. This was said in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Alexander Beglov, deputy head of the presidential administration, at a meeting with activists of the Kamchatka separate neighborhood Ussuri Cossack Cossack Army of society.

"One form odezhki for Cossack societies approved by the president. Apart from this, the Cossack army now can create security structures. Cossacks will be able to receive tool. Under their protection will be evenly cross the city and state institutions, "- said Beglov, adding that "the Cossacks would not be involved in the protection of commercial organizations."

"Another activity will be the creation of Cossacks surge capacity" — said Alexander Beglov. According to him, in the event of an emergency or unexpected situations Cossacks come to the aid of security forces and the state.

"The Cossacks are two main ally — the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Defence," — said the runaways. He also said that the Russian president approved certificate of Cossack. This will be issued to military commissars, it will indicate the title of the Cossack, also be a mark for permission to carry guns.

According Beglova, great attention will be paid to the revival of cultural traditions and work with young people, ITAR-TASS reported.

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