The deceased newborn alive in the arms of mother


An Australian hospital was a miracle. The woman in the 27th week of pregnancy were born twins — a boy and a girl. Children have appeared premature and immediately after birth they were placed in the intensive care unit. The girl was healthy, and attempts to revive the boy were unsuccessful, and the doctors were forced to admit he had been dead.

Child's mother brought her to say goodbye to him. The woman hugged the boy to his chest and two hours so sat with him. "My husband said to his son, his name, and he has a sister, and we talked about what we would do with him, for his life," — she said.

Suddenly, the boy sighed — doctors initially thought it was just a reflex, but when Kate tried to feed him when he had dipped a finger into breast milk, breathing Jamie leveled. Soon he opened his eyes, it was a miracle. The doctor, who was at that time there, he shook his head and said, "I do not believe, do not believe it."

This incident became known only now, when the kids parents told their story in a TV show. Now the boy is 5 months old and he's perfectly healthy.
Doctors explain this case the intense contact between mother and baby "skin to skin", or, as it is called in Australia, "kangaroo". After direct contact with the body of a child mother is very important, because it allows the mother to act as "human incubator" while warming, stimulating and feeding the baby.

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