The defenders of freedom of speech — for free Internet

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic said that in the twenty-first century, access to the Internet is the basis for the existence of pluralism and free media, and government regulation, which prevents access to the Internet, can not be justified.

"The Internet provides unprecedented opportunities for the expansion of freedom of expression and pluralism. It is one of the most important elements in building and strengthening of democracy," — said Mijatovic in Budapest after the signing of the Joint Declaration on freedom of expression and access to the Internet.

Mijatovic emphasized that many governments use disingenuous arguments to deny its citizens the right of access to the Internet.

"Governments that block the websites that appeal to one of the most hazardous forms of censorship that is simply unacceptable — said in its statement. — Overlapping access for national security reasons or to maintain public order should never be used as a reason to limit freedom of expression and prevents the free flow of information. "

Together with Mijatovic Declaration on freedom of expression and access to the Internet was also signed by three special rapporteurs of the international organizations on issues of freedom of speech.

The Joint Declaration authorized the issue of freedom of expression stated in particular:

• Freedom of expression applies to the Internet as well as on all other means of communication;

• None of those who offer technical services to the Internet, should not be held liable for content created by others;

• Filtration systems content that nakidayutstsa public or commercial service providers are a restriction of freedom of expression;

• self-management can be an effective tool to combat harmful content, and should be encouraged.

The full text of the Declaration is available here.

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