The destruction of Atlantis and its shadow

Itself Kali Yuga, the last dark cycle, the Iron Age, was the result of a terrestrial cataclysm that ended the previous era, closer to the principles of integrated, polar Tradition. It should be noted that, in fact, the whole history of the earth is only the intervals between such disasters, after each of which the previous period, or even forgotten altogether declared "not existing." These disasters also have a cyclical nature, which reflects on your level, all corresponding to the change of cosmic cycles.

Knowledge of the latter is preserved in such a cataclysm Tradition known legends of the Flood and Noah's Ark, and the destruction of Atlantis. These two stories, in fact, tell the story of one and the same event, but the latter seems to be much more clear, because it, unlike the biblical story, not so rigidly connected with faith-based features and not usurped by certain traditional forms. In addition, the legend of the sunken Atlantis being articulated geographical metamorphosis that occurred during the current cycle.

Atlantis, the knowledge of which reached the modern man through the works of Plato, "Timaeus" and "Critias", was a huge continent and it was a kind of "intermediate form" between Hyperborea and Gondwana — not purely sacred land of the Golden Age, but still not profane area, as perceived by the land in the world today. Cyclically Atlantis existed even in relatively recent times, when viewed in the context of the history of the Hindu Manvantara, but because of her very accelerated the processes of historical degradation, eventually led to its sinking of the end of "Atlantic tradition." However, initially directly adjacent to the Atlantis and Hyperborea was the first "park" left the polar homeland Hyperboreans.

If Hyperborea is to the north, the Atlantis symbolizes the appearance on earth of a "horizontal" orientation of the East — West. In this case, it is impossible to relate itself with a particular concept, because if the location of Atlantis in terms of, for example, Europeans considered "Western", is a man of the American continent, it corresponds exactly to the "East". Christopher Columbus "discovering" America to modern Europeans (although their forefathers, it was well known), not by chance found her India, from where it is the European designation of its indigenous peoples as "Indians." Indeed, in the tradition of Native American Indians, and so much in common that it can not be explained by any pathetic arguments about "random coincidence" that are often advanced profane scientists. Atlantis, in essence, was the birthplace of both the Hindu and the "Indian" traditions. But if the Hindu, to be exact — and later Aryan Indo-European tradition evolved precisely such successive stages, the tradition of the "Indian" was directly connected with the fullness of the "Atlantic archetype."

All the ancient civilizations of the Americas are descended from Aztlan, in the Toltec language was called Atlantis. It is from Atlantis came to America all the richness of its original traditions — of which was located on the territory of present-day Mexico to Tula initiatic center of the Inca Empire and the Mayan culture. Modern explorer Jacques de Maio, who has studied Indian civilizations, even a book about it called "The Templars of America" — because of the similarity of emergency — a ritual, doctrinal and symbolic — between the medieval Order (and not only them) and the traditions of many Native American peoples who today often presented as the tribes of savages. Although this name is much more applicable to those who, after kolumbovskogo "discovery" sailed to America and forcibly drew representatives of its ancient traditions in their "true faith." However, by the time these traditions themselves were on the verge of total degeneration.

It was in the Atlantean period formed grain of the traditions that were later called Abrahamic. Therefore, they initially could not be evidenced that hyperborean knowledge, which was the deep essence of the entire Atlantic tradition. However, the aging of these grains did not occur simultaneously, but in the context of the historical degradation of Atlantis itself. And it is not surprising that in them, "sprouted" later in Egyptian civilization (also the lead back from Atlantis, but had corrupted their tradition, reducing it to a purely magical practices) have accumulated many completely counter-initiatory, inverted elements that led to the first death itself Atlantis. It was they who caused the famous flood, from which escaped only freed from the influence of these elements Noah.

The phenomenon of the "modern world" is also the period between disasters, but only with the difference from previous eras, it is as close to the end of the current cycle of humanity and is generally the last. Cataclysm that will put an end to it, coincides with the end of the seventh manvantara, according to Hindu tradition. And it is not at all something like "aberration proximity" inherent in some systems profane world, staying in the illusion of their own uniqueness and absolute the time and place. This implies a clear knowledge of all traditional eschatological data. It is to the modern world, immensely drawn away from tradition, are those evangelical language as the abomination of desolation, and the last days. That is why Islam is seen as the last revelation. However, the clear and is building knowledge no illusions about the end times should not be confused with a literal apokaliptizmom than sinning some fussy theorists producing its new every time "calculation date" as if it were something to help them. "Woe to that desire the day of the Lord, why is it for you? It — darkness, and not light," — said in the Book of Amos (5.18). That is why, by the way, the authentic tradition in charge of those terms, never announce them publicly, that would only cause immense mass psychosis and growing worldwide panic, in itself could lead to the acceleration of this disaster.

However, other times it is "open." Specifically "modern world" as a historical and geographical era appears, according to Rene Guenon, in XIV century of the Christian era. Cataclysm that launched it, it was the destruction of the medieval civilization in Europe. However, this seems to be a local event with the time it took on global significance — it is the end of the Middle Ages there was a civilization that has spread its expansion to the entire planet. This civilization wherever she claimed, had destroyed all the full traditional form, or replace them vulgar imitations. This happened, for example, in Western Christianity, which completely bury in oblivion their initiatory character, and still maintain the cultivated medieval orders, and turned into a purely external, and sometimes even "punitive police" organization, which was the clearest example of the Inquisition, which flourished in the XVI-XVIII centuries. The main core of religion was not the initiation release their followers from delusion of darkness of this world, not a spiritual realization, but — stern supervision of the outer life, meticulous calculation of the "sins" and hypocritical moralizing. The Reformation and the emergence of Protestantism was undermined by the Western Christian tradition, which has now seen only as "appendage" to the social and especially economic laws, which gained an absolute value in the mind of the modern man.

During the Middle Ages, with its deep spirituality, the great empires and organically oriented upward structure of life was announced, on the contrary, at times, "ignorance and bigotry." Inquisition (which for some reason think its heritage, although it was just the result is a "redirect" The Church has a spiritual problem to earth), was replaced by chanting humanity, and with it the man was completely cut off from the higher reality and placed at the center of all things. This is precisely what happened different "individualistic" and "collectivist" delusion, unthinkable in the Middle Ages, when the guiding principle of social organization was the Brotherhood. Lishivsheesya this principle society caught in a vicious circle between the two pervertnymi but interrelated and often vzaimoobratimymi ideas of freedom and equality, which determined the whole future history as a confrontation between two false alternatives — liberalism and totalitarianism. Through the prism of these metapolitical plants were seen all the historical processes that no longer existed a genuine alternative.

All the sacred principles of the Middle Ages were brought to total oblivion, and curious as to what a European era, called the "Renaissance" (which would be more correct to call the era of degeneration), better versed in the subjects of the "classical antiquity", rather than in their own is not as ancient history. But this very "antiquity" reached him only in his late already degraded forms, not in the slightest degree preemstvovavshih spiritual, esoteric side of ancient doctrines. This was exactly the "revival" of dead, mental bygone traditional forms of precipitation, which is always accompanied by the emergence of a counter-tradition.

Geographically, this counter-tradition has resulted in the emergence of the concept of absolute and West. So far this sustainable designation did not exist, and the world is divided into a variety of more or less traditional civilizations, not always had a fixed geographic "binding." These civilizations were in constant spiritual and intellectual contact, but not mixing, and teaching each other mutually. For example, higher mathematics — algebra, originated in India, came to Europe through the Islamic world, from which came the Arabic name of this science, which the Europeans and the ancient Greeks, including, had no idea. Of Islam in Europe came and alchemy, and Gothic architecture, many astronomical and geographical discoveries, etc. However, the Europeans, and later Americans (not to be "Indians" and the pale-faced children kolumbovskogo "discovery") eventually developed a completely inverted world view, according to which "the center of civilization," was regarded as the region on both sides of the North Atlantic, and other parts of the world have been declared "backward" and in need of "education." Since this region, which has nothing to do with Atlantis, the legacy of which also reached him through other, "non-Western" traditional forms, but paradoxically asserted itself around its old location, was to claim a special role in the world. But the main and even providential "uniqueness" of his role — in the name of what he himself has taken — the West, the traditional symbol of sunset and the end of the cycle.

Samooboznachivshis the West, the region is naturally challenged the "East". In fact, in the Middle Ages and up to the concepts they denote simply by light and not carry a civilization color that was imparted to them afterwards. Tradition and civilization, now called "oriental", so do not call yourself. Only the nineteenth century theosophists attempt to reconstruct some never existed "Eastern tradition", and European neospiritualisty — "Christian Kabbalists" and later sealants — "Western." Clearly, they could not create anything other than a different counter-traditional counterfeiting. Actually, there is one obvious, which for some reason requires the modern man of enormous effort for its understanding — that the world does not exist "eastern" and "western" pole, but because — civilization, the self-proclaimed "Western" is thus sowing illusions . And in the face of "the East" it declared war on all the real and traditional, all that still remained full traditional forms dating back to the spirit of the Hyperborean. And it was totally unnecessary to the east relative to the location of the Atlantic: the enslavement and destruction of the indigenous population of America truly Atlantic — the best proof of this. Thus, these pseudo-Atlanticists and revealed his true nature — as the vanguard of Gondwana, destroying, erasing, and ultimately usurp the traces of the original Hyperborean Revelation.

In the global expansion of the pseudo-Atlantis can not see any sign whatsoever of overcoming. Genuine overcoming means first of all a spiritual realization and a way out of the inertial, historical flow of the formal establishment. Here, there is just the opposite — complete solution in this thread, and even accelerate, whip up for by a faster changing socio-political innovations to which human attention riveted so tightly that the person eventually becomes the only functional — "Generating "and" consume "- part absolutes in the economic process. In fact, this is one of the most striking manifestations of the ultimate loss hyperborean human archetype, which occurs at the end of the cycle, when the victory on the ground are winning these — already subhuman creatures, though staying in the illusions of self-confident about their "development" and "perfection ". All these counter-traditional illusions are the brightest (if relevant here is the word) by the expression of total life-averaging, which is not any direct, radical contemplation and action, and a sterile global market finally turns into a commodity and reduces the level of any exotic touch to the fundamental limits quite normal to overcome their traditional civilization.

If all the original imperial traditions overcome history by careful attention to the sacred center of the space, to the attributes of a cult, going back to the original traditions, the global neo-imperialism of modern pseudo-Atlantis comes, however, from hatred to the space itself. Space is perceived as a hindrance to the quickness of certain operations subject to all of the same work in the global economy. The best example of this is the famous American slogan "Time is money -", which is clearly expressed desire for maximum compression of time in the name of squeezing the most out of it yet to come. And this process — limiting speed limit for stories of dissolution in it — is the fundamental creed of the modern world.

All this, however, does not prevent the name of Christians pseudo Atlantists be certain "divine role" of their civilization, writing on the dollar, "We believe in God," and rigidly enforce their own pathological everywhere, but covered with religious and moralistic demagogy "values." Moreover, there is even a Protestant theological concept of "Manifest Destini", which states, "God's chosen people," the U.S.. This inversion creates a huge number of its particular manifestations, which paralyzed the consciousness of modern humanity finds "natural obvious." So, for example, the "western world", claimed to be an "open society", in fact, is on the contrary, the most closed to residents of other countries. "Humanitarian Aid", which he named "offers", causing the naive enthusiasm, in fact there is nothing but a link in the chain of financial enslavement. Finally, the American "preachers of Christianity" really believe that they "have the light of faith" to the world, not noticing that, for example, in Russia, where they come on tour, Christianity existed long before the first pastor stepped on the land Americas.

The outstanding Russian thinker Dmitry Merezhkovsky one of the first to pay close attention to this grim similarity between the two periods before the disasters. Here's what he, in particular, wrote in his excellent book "Atlantis — Europe. Mystery of the West": "This great" culture demons "voluptuous whore-blood under the banner of the Cross — a kind of" black Mass "satanic coven, not a bunch of COPE people in the darkness of night, and the entire nation, or even all the people — all of humanity. To hide the horror and abomination from the face of God, needed all the waters of the Atlantic. " Water, brightly colored exoteric husks degenerated traditions, sinking in which entertain the illusion that if they were in Noah's Ark …

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