The discovery in Egypt: That hide the Egyptian authorities.

That hide the Egyptian authorities.

Many years ago, that 70 years have passed since then, as Edgar Cayce predicted that one day in Egypt will be found a room that will have a name or a Hall of Records Hall of Chronicles, and it will be connected with the Sphinx. It is this room to tell us of the existence on Earth millions of years ago, a highly advanced civilization, and the passage to the Hall of Records will go to the room beneath the right paw of the Sphinx.

In 1989 with the help of special equipment a group of Japanese scientists from Waseda University, headed by Professor Sakudzhi Ioshimura, found under the left paw of the Sphinx, a narrow tunnel leading to the side of the pyramid of Khafre. It started at a depth of two meters and went down the pan. In addition, they found a large cavity at the north-western wall of the Queen's Chamber and the "tunnel" from the outside and to the south of the pyramid, leaving a monument.

They used modern techniques, "NDT", based on electromagnetic waves and radar equipment.

But before they had time to conduct further research, as Egyptian authorities intervened and stopped the project. Ioshimura and his expedition failed to return to work more in the Queen's Chamber.

The same way and in the same in 1989 and produced a seismic Sphinx American geophysicist Thomas Dobetski. And it also led to the discovery of a large rectangular chamber at the front paws of the Sphinx.

Studies Dobetski were part of the geological survey of the Sphinx, which is held Professor Robert Schoch of Boston University. But his work was abruptly halted in 1993 by Dr. Zahi Hawass of the Egyptian Antiquities Organization. And even more, the Egyptian government is no longer allowed to hold around the Sphinx or new geological seismic surveys. And this despite the fact that research Schoch came close to solving the Sphinx's age, in what had previously been interested in local government.

Also in 1993 came the film "Mystery of the Sphinx", in which the emphasis was on the fact that the Sphinx and other monuments in the Giza necropolis dates back at least XI millennium BC.

Partial funding for the film "Mystery Sphinx" was "the Edgar Cayce Foundation" and its subsidiary "Association for Research and Enlightenment» — ECF / ARE and their supporters. It was this documentary first reported the seismic exploration Thomas Dobetski around the Sphinx and the discovery of their large rectangular cavity deep in the rock under his front paws.

That pushed ECF / ARE to to link this fact to the Hall of Annals of Casey and his prediction.

In the same 1993, Hawass began excavating a newly discovered temple complex of the Old Kingdom to the underground tunnels, which were from the south-east side of the Sphinx.

But the emphasis was still placed not on Hall of Records under the Sphinx, and the other opening, which distracted the public from the Hall of Records. This discovery was the information that in the depths of the Great Pyramid hides some camera.

German engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink Munich examined the narrow shaft with a miniature robot with camera and in the southern end of the mine at the walls of the Queen's Chamber discovered a small door with brass handles. With the big problems, but he managed to pull off the opening of the door.

This worked camera crew led by director Jochen Breytenshteynom and his assistant Dirk Brakebusha.

But the problems have arisen Gantenbrink because the German Archaeological Institute has not received the necessary permission in time to film the opening of the door to the Egyptian Antiquities Organization, which nevertheless was given orally, Zahi Hawass, supported Gantenbrink Shtadslmanom doctor.

But in 1995 the Egyptian Antiquities Organization warned German authorities that they did not try to continue the study of the Great Pyramid.

And in December 1995 to Zahi Hawass requested documentaries for television, which was devoted to the mysteries of the Sphinx. And Hawass led the crew to the tunnel, which was located directly beneath the Sphinx.

"Perhaps — he said — even Indiana Jones wanted to be here. Can you believe we are now inside the Sphinx! Earlier this tunnel nobody open, and no one knows what is inside it. We're going to open it first. "

I assume that this was a film crew from the film company "Paramount» (Paramount Studios), as mentioned in the book Drunvalo Melchizedek "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life," Volume 2 chapter 11, which was published in 2003. Here it is in his book:

"In November 1996 I came in contact with a source in Egypt. He said, was now openly something exceed dyaschee everything ever found tion in Egypt. Of land between the paws of the Sphinx came to the surface stone stele (a flat stone slab with inscriptions). Inscription on it talking about the Hall of Records and the room under the Sphinx.

The Egyptian government has ordered the immediate removal of the stele, so no one has read it engraved on Iero glyphs. Then they began to dig between the paws of the Sphinx and opened the room, which found the Japanese in 1989. It was a crock and rolled rope. According to my source, the tunnel out of the room, the authorities came down in a circular room, from which a three tunnels leading to the Great Pyramid. One of them was found two amazing phenomenon.

First, officials saw the light field, the veil of light, blocking the entrance. When tried to pass through the field, then nothing will happen. Even a bullet could pierce it.

Also, if anyone tried to physically approach the light field at a distance of about 9 meters (30 feet), a man age became bad and he began to vomit. If he tried to move forward with the force, he felt that he was dying. No one, as far as I know, he could not braid nutsya mysterious field.

In a study of devices from the surface of the light field was discovered something absolutely unthinkable. Tion of the twelve building underground ~ imagine twelve floors, going deep into the earth!

Egyptians realized that they themselves with these problems do not celebrate Xia. The Government of Egypt has requested foreign assistance. It was agreed that there is a specific HYDRATED people (I will not mention his name) who can chit switched off the light field and enter the tunnel. It will have two assistants. One of those people is my good friend, so I have closely followed the course of events, getting infor-mation from the first hand. My friend had brought representatives of the film company "Paramount» (Paramount Studios), which was to get a resolution tion to shoot a film about the discovery of this unique TII tunnel. By the way, "Paramount" made a film on opening the coffin of Tutankhamun boundary, consequently, it had very good connections in Egypt.

The researchers plan to enter, or at least try to get into the tunnel January 23, 1997 The governor has asked the stvo film company several million dollars, to which she agreed. However, the day before the entrance of the tunnel Egyptians decided that they want more money, and asked for one and a half million "under the table", which infuriated kinokompa Niya. "Paramount" said "no", and that was it. About three months was quiet.

Then I accidentally found out that another group of three men entered the tunnel. They turned off the light field with the sounds of their voices and the holy names of God. The team leader, who is widely known and do not want to mention his name, he went to Australia and showed a video film on the penetration of tone nel and the building of twelve floors, the latter was not just a building. This building is extended under the ground for miles and the actual margin was cally cities yes. I'm in Australia, there are three good friends who have seen the film.

Then came another man, Larry Hunter (Larry Hanter), more than 20 years of his life to the archeology of Egypt. Mr Hunter contacted me and told me informa-tion, almost identical to the one that I got from their source Cove in Egypt, except that it was more detail below. The city occupies an area of 10.4 terri tory for 13 km (6.5 to 8 miles) and goes deep into the earth to twelve floors, the perimeter of the city outlined uni locally Egyptian temples.

The following information is transferred resonates with the work of Graham Hancock (Graham Hancock) and Robert Bovalya (Robert Bauval) «Message of the Sphinx» (Message of the Sphinx). Graham and Robert guessed that the three pyramids of Giza were placed on Earth in strict accordance with the three stars of Orion's belt. According to the researchers, all the major stars of the constellation Orion can be found in the location of the temples in Egypt, but they have not been able to conclusively prove this theory. Mr. Hunter did it, and I myself was convinced that his proof is correct. Applying their skills navigating by the stars, gained while serving in the Navy, Mr. Hunter found churches in every single one of the points corresponding to each large neutron star of the constellation Orion. He applied the global navigation systems and the definition of the situation (GPS — Global Positioning System) to find these places on earth to within 15 meters (50 feet) and physical ki visited every place where the temple was to celebrate the star. That's been tested this hypothesis. Surprisingly different: in every place and every temple was the temple was made of a unique material not found in any other other temple in all of Egypt. Of the same material as the block to the base the three pyramids at Giza, including the Great Pyramid. It is called the coin in stone. This news NUC, which looks as if it blended coins. It is unique and found only in temples, located in the underground area of the city six and a half to eight miles.

Such is a brief hypothesis challenged the correctness of which etsya official Egyptian authorities. The underground city was talking about one Indeed there is, and it can accommodate 10,000 people. According to Mr. Hunter, a border town marked temples of unique material, and the location of the temples themselves correspond to the location of stars in the constellation Orion.

Based on what I've seen, I think that's true, although Egypt skie city officials believe fantasy. I maintain an objective point of view. In the end, the truth will necessarily known. If this is true, when the underground city will be revealed, this archaeological find children to instill the growth of human consciousness. "

Can add to the above told Drunvalo only that this underground city is a city of Shambhala.

Information from the book of Melchizedek "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" was known to all who were interested in Egypt in more depth than simple curiosity. Because some publications, in his time, wrote an article about it, but no more.

As for the Sphinx and the Hall of Records under it, there is still a local archaeological team working for many years under the direction of Zahi Hawass. His group is working secretly, almost never leaving without needing to surface. And if someone has to come to the surface, it is done at night, when the Pyramids and the Sphinx is next to no tourists.

Nobody is against that local archaeologists secretly or openly conducted their research in their country. It is their right. It is their country. This is their pyramids and the Sphinx. But there is an important and very significant "but", which gave me the right to interfere in the local affairs of Egypt.

But more recently, the group of archaeologists, including their leader, Zahi Hawass, had made a great discovery, which Egyptian authorities have decided to hide from the Earth of Mankind. This discovery was the secret chamber, which houses the only thing that belongs Tautou — his wand Energy, which is mentioned by him in his Tablets: "Emerald Tablets of Thoth Atlanta" — "Emerald Tablet I: History of Thoth Atlanta":

"Quickly we rushed towards the sun in the morning, until it became the earth below us, the land of Khem children. Raging, they met us with clubs and spears, which are listed in anger, wanting to destroy and kill every last one of the Sons of Atlantis. Then I picked up her wand and sent a ray of vibration, striking them so that they become immobile, as fragments of stone of the mountain. Then I said to him words calm and peaceful, and told about the power of Atlantis, saying we — the children of the Sun and its messengers. I silenced them with his magical science, until they fell prostrate at my feet, and then I delivered them. "

This is also of Wands is mentioned in the book Elizabeth Haich "Dedication", chapter 32. "Instructions Ptahotep":

"Stick your father, made of copper species can transmit radiation of any plan. By the will of man, or they can be transformed to grow. Wand can be a blessing or a curse, depending on who uses it. Dedicated to holding all the forces — from the highest to the lowest ultramaterialnyh divine — can deliberately send them to staff. The human senses are able to perceive them, then they are experienced by people as emotional states. Thus, the higher the frequency of the divine experienced as universal love, and the lowest — ultraveschestvennye — as hate. Dedicated to always use the rod so as to create something good, and vibration ultramaterialnye serve him only when necessary as an invisible, impermeable protective wall. With this dedicated wand can control all the forces of nature, enhancing or neutralizing them. "

Now I will talk about camera storage Rod Toth and about the Wand of Energy:

The camera itself is a Storage Rod Hall of Records, just in front of that same passage and the entrance to the hall itself, the light barrier which was withdrawn in 1997.

Cell door was opened by clicking on a rock and his deep drowning inside wall. On this stone was knocked Wand Energy Thoth with rays. On the left a stone from the key stone was depicted the goddess Maat. And right away the stone also shows Maat, but with a wand.

After activation of the key stone of the wall of the Hall of Records went inside, and the door slid aside, once the wall of the Hall of Records. Thus laid bare a large doorway that opened access to the camera's baton.

Luggage Rod large and has a square shape. Cameras mounted on the center pedestal in the form of a pyramid with seven high level. At the top of the pyramid in its center set himself Wand Energy Toth.

Wand of Life is a kind of high staff. He height is about 1.5 meters and 3 cm in diameter in the center. Wand tapers towards the bottom and extends to the top. It's all studded with precious stones, of which the characters are laid out. Rod crystal crowns the top.

That's on top of the Crystal Energy Wand of Life and Light of Life emits, illuminating everything with its light. This light, as light energy is distributed in the open doorway, illuminating the area directly in front of cameras in the Hall of Records.

The reaction of some people on this energy from the Rod of Life is the same, which was earlier in the Light is a force field, which was blocked passage to the Hall of Records: people feel bad — they feel sick, and if people linger a little longer, it was sick.

The same reaction happens in drug overdose, and in this case — an overdose human soul energy coming from the Wand of Life. Therefore, the further away from the camera is a person, the more he is better, and the closer it approaches the camera Rod, so it's getting worse. Such is the human soul on the reaction energy of the Rod of Life.

But not all people have the same reaction to the energy from the Rod of Life. There were those people who were able to come to the Chamber of the Rod and even enter into it with no consequences for their health. True, they were able to take the lead only to a certain point, and then they became ill, and they quickly left.

I assume that to pick up the Wand of Life can only heir of Thoth. That of the people of the Earth, in which the soul was made to merge the Rod encoding their energy, their life force.

Connection and vitality as energy Wand Life and Heir Toth happen when they are in physical contact. And then we can see the energy of the soul of the one he chose to become the new owner of his Wand of Energy, for Rod always radiates an energy that people had in him. This force has the same type of vibration, and human energy, so safe for humans, but within reason.

But while the camera itself and the Rod Hall of Records will be closed to the free access of tourists there, Heir Toth could not take his inheritance — Wand of Life in hand, and the Second Coming takes place, the time and date while approaching their kulmitsionnomu time, for change of times and Judgment Gods appointed day on December 21, 2012. And the Egyptian authorities on the eve of this important event for Humanity Earth conceal this the greatest discovery in the history of our planet from the public, pushing the second coming for some time.

And now, at this point of time, we have two options for future development:

1. Or wait until the Egyptian authorities will wake up the conscience, and they will manifest discovery of the century, show the world that then was lifted in 1997. Specifically, the removal of the Power of Light Fields with the passage to the Hall of Records Hall of Records itself. And the fact that they have been removed now that the chamber was opened in his home Rod Toth.

2. Or ask the Egyptian authorities have opened a secret and show the world the Hall of Records and Camera Wand, thus giving each person a chance to try your luck and try to pick up the Wand of Life and become heirs of Thoth Atlanta.


My friend is familiar with those who hold private study. All the information he found on the Internet, which was separated and he simply put together in a single chain, in addition, all the information has been gathered on the grounds that the contactee who contacted Toth came to him the information that the audience evidence soon to be opened and the information that must be disclosed Wait for people to help them to the next level of development. Therefore, the entire publication source, based on the information that is available online, and the one that received the contactee. So, believe it or not but — all in your court

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