The ear of his own ribs made the boy truly happy


In the history of mankind know a case where the rib immediately turned adult woman (since biblical Adam found Eve), but the mastery of English surgeons made a 9-year-old English boy no less happy than Adam was in his time.


As a consequence of vice-natal development on the site of the right ear of the schoolboy was pretty ugly outgrowth, which is why a child growing up, every year becoming more and more nervous — the complex of inferiority prevented him from being happy. But the doctors 'produced' him a new fine ear cartilage of the chest and ribs. Resistant baby suffered pain and discomfort, but now he does not have to wear long "unmanly" hair to hide the defect appearance.

Ethan Gil-Bowman (Ethan Giles-Bowman), 9-year-old student from the English city of Sheffield (Sheffield) was born with Goldenhar syndrome, a type — in his case the anomaly appeared in the absence of the ear and ear canal. The boy was suffering from a defect of the appearance and ridicule their peers and, therefore, from an early age to wear long hair that hid the lack of ear, but he did not like scary.

Although Ethan did not hear from her right ear anomalies, it is perfectly healthy and costing the left ear, but to put up with a deficit that disfigured him, he could not.

Finally, his parents were advised clinic Royal Free Hospital in London, where the surgeon Greg O'Toole (Greg O'Toole) masterfully pulled the boy from the edges of the cartilage tissue formed from her ear and sewed it to the place where she was, and ought to be.

Despite the fact that the operation (especially the extraction of cartilage) was quite painful, Ethan stoically endured the pain and was very pleased with the result of the surgeon.

He said that never in my life will not wear long hair.

"All his friends visited the new ear Ethan and said that it's very cool," — says his mother Katherine (Kathryn Giles-Bowman).

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