The Englishwoman in Nottingham photographed ghost executioner


Ghosts exist and they are not good. This writes the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. The journalists met with a woman who saw a ghost in the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. The place is a very dismal: there in the Middle Ages was tried and executed in the same criminals.

Now tourists say they feel the presence of the souls of sinners. Christine Spies says that, going down to the basement, I almost fainted from fear. Well, when I looked at the photos from the phone, I realized someone was scared. The picture shows how the TV channel "Russia 24", a huge white mass similar to the figure of the executioner.

A month ago, the reality of ghosts made a resident of British Cumbria. In support, he even showed footage from surveillance cameras from his pub. According to the Englishman, poltergeists allegedly came at night. The video appears around the table something like a cloud. It shows that the ghost circled around one of the tables, and then quickly left the room through the ceiling.




However, the survey has convinced not only of the existence of evil spirits, but in the power of Photoshop. Pub owner suspected of wanting to stand out among competitors unusual advertising.

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