The foreign press about Belarus: What can displace a dictator?

Frolic in fashion today, says the Montreal edition of Le Devoir. In Iran filmmaker Jafar Panahi sentenced to six years in prison in Belarus autocrat boasts that 48 hours jailed 639 people, who for one part in a demonstration of protest faces from 5 to 15 years in prison.

"The events in Belarus show that Lukashenko once again changed the position. Rather, he decided to move away from the European Union, who pestered him with his talk about democracy, rule of law and so on, to again close to Russia", — said the commentator edition.

Le Devoir quoted from an interview with Iranian filmmakers Panahi French Le Monde"Human rights violations in Iran for thirty years, but never anything like current events did not occur. Here you can not breathe, people feel that they are neglected. A contempt and humiliation — the worst thing for a man. It can completely take the situation out of control. "

Observers note that the same words can be applied to Belarus.

Meanwhile German "Die Welt"Analyzing policy Lukashenko, expressed the opinion that the dictator appears to be deposed economy.

According to the German "Die Welt"" At the time, such as Iran, China and Venesuela sent congratulations to Alexander Lukashenko in connection with another "victory" in the presidential election, the leadership of the European countries, shocked by both the election and events after them, and the failure of the recent rapprochement with Minsk. Another two and a half months ago, the EU via Belarus to Poland neighbor made it clear that Lukashenko can get 3 billion euros in financial aid if progress will be seen in the election.

After years of distancing the EU from the regime, it was the peak of cautious rapprochement that took place against the background of the complex relations between Belarus and its financial backer of Russia. Rotate Minsk to Moscow for a few days before the election, when Russia unexpectedly agreement with Belarus on the establishment of a single economic space, and let Lukashenko, as experts believe, to apply strict measures on December 19, without worrying about the reaction to these events by the EU.

Now, in connection with the Sunday events, European aid is, to say the least, questionable. Although the EU has not yet expressed its position regarding 3 billion, but only demanded the release of detained demonstrators.

Agreeing with Russia, Lukashenko secured a breather. However, notes the German edition, however, he is in need of new billions.

Since 2011, Lukashenko will have to pay high interest rates for loans. Because until now held the money wherever he could. China supplies goods on credit, so does Venesuela. At the beginning of the economic crisis in this game and the IMF stepped in and gave Belarus with its ten million inhabitants, nearly $ 3 billion. However, the program ended in March, as Lukashenko in case of continuation would have to abandon the populist raise salaries and pensions on the eve of the election. He also froze and coherent program of privatization.

Experts believe that the critical time for Lukashenko will come in 2012. It will then be put into operation a new line leading to the Russian port of Ust-Luga, located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The pipeline was built to bypass Belarus as a transit country. Thus, the Belarusian leader will be deprived of important source of export revenue. "Europe's last dictator, apparently, will soon deposed economy than a weak opposition," said Die Welt.

German editions also inform readers that the Belarusian ambassador in Berlin was summoned to an interview in the German Foreign Ministry. As Minister Guido Westerwelle, "those who manipulate elections and massively imprisoned people who want to exercise their right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, not a partner for the EU."

In this regard, the German parliamentary group of green She also was in an interview Weser-Kurier said: "We must put an end to the current practice of issuing visas, which are in fact deprived young people the possibility of going to the West. Given the increased oppression of democratic forces in Belarus it is the future elites necessary contact with the West. now, the EU only helped make Lukashenko Belarusian society closed. " According to the German parlyamentarki such visa policy to only support an authoritarian regime.

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