The girl disappeared without a trace on the Mount: Relatives say that it stole the jinn


Police in Saudi Arabia "intensified" search for 23-year-old Yemeni girl who disappeared 40 days ago in the city of Taif.

The girl's family claims that it "stole the jinn."

Missing brother, Ahmed Ali said in an interview Sabq: "It is under the spell of the jinn. She disappeared 40 days ago, leaving no trace."

The inhabitants of the village in which she lived claim to have seen with my own eyes, as she climbed to the top of the hill and "disappeared." Prior to the disappearance of the girl periodically fell into a trance, reading verses of the Koran. Around her eyes and ears "performed red liquid."

Desperate parents handed out posters with a portrait of the girl on the roads of the province and in the mosques.

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