The illusion of choice

You can often hear or read these thoughts, the power in the world, captured corporations, presidents, prime ministers, judges, and all the rest are merely implementing their will. Along with this is often expressed that modern society imposed on consumption and decide something he can only at select car model or brand of detergent. How realistic are the presidential elections of deputies of the State Duma, or — a topic for another day and it has already covered more than once. But the freedom to choose the brand of washing powder is greatly exaggerated. Why — you can see in the picture below. It shows what the brand (trademark) which belongs to the corporation. Choose something from nothing …

Comparison of the corporations and their trade marks (brands). Scheme:

A below other schemes, showing that all of the most influential corporations really rule the world.

Bilderberg connection with the most influential corporations in the world

Studies show that powerful corporations do control the world financial system

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