The inventor Ubiyko gathered capsule in case of the apocalypse


A former military engineer Eugene Ubiyko collected a special capsule in case of the apocalypse, which, according to the Mayan calendar, will happen in December 2012. Report dedicated to the invention, the Russians came out on the channel Russia Today (video translation was published online Dec. 28 inoSMI).

According to the descriptions Ubiyko invented them sealed capsule has four layers of insulation, "can float, roll down the hills and land upside down." The engineer says the capsule can hold up to four people who will be able to hold on to it for about 40 days.

As the inventor, he presented the idea to create a special capsule in which you can survive the end of the world, about a year ago. By now it is almost completely finished work on the project. Ubiyko considers himself a genius and advises the Russian government quickly ordered his emergency capsule.

Production of one capsule in the event of a doomsday will cost 80 thousand dollars. In the event that the Mayan prediction does not come true and life on Earth will continue, Ubiyko invention, according to him, can be used as a sauna or a commercial refrigerator.

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