The Ka-52 in Rostov-on-Don

Recognizable Rostov spotter under the name "Mi-26" has published photos collected by JSC "ROSTVERTOL"Rostov-on-Don helicopter gunships Ka-52 production of "Arsenyev Aviation Company" Progress ". Assembly The Ka-52 was launched in Rostov on Don January 23, 2013, and on February 1, as reported by "Mi-26" at the factory airfield "Rostvertol" on the court number 4 were the first two assembled helicopter with tail number "41 reddish" and "43 reddish. "Flight tests of both has not yet begun.

Also on the factory airfield were delivered with two "Progress" has not yet collected the Ka-52 with tail number "45 reddish" and "47 reddish." Helicopter bearing the number "44 reddish" on February 1 was in the process of assembling the final assembly in the workshop "Rostvertol".

Helicopters Ka-52 delivered from Arsenyev unassembled military transport aircraft Il-76 military airport Rostov-Central ("Traffic"), which are transported to the "Rostvertol" on car trailers on the Rostov-on-Don.

The Ka-52 in Rostov

Collected combat helicopters Ka-52 (tail number "41 reddish" and "43 reddish") on the factory airfield "Rostvertol". Rostov-on-Don, 01.02.2013

The Ka-52 in Rostov

Delivered on "Rostvertol" for the next assembly helicopter gunships Ka-52 (tail number "45 reddish" and "47 reddish"). Rostov-on-Don, 01.02.2013

The Ka-52 in Rostov

Delivery of "ROSTVERTOL"For the next assembly of the Ka-52, tail number" 44 reddish. "Rostov-on-Don, 30.01.2013

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