The last heavy rain with thunderstorm caused the emergency in Cheboksary

The last heavy rain with thunderstorm caused the emergency in Cheboksary

7.06.11.Proshedshy torrential rain and thunder caused the emergency on the street for water pipes. Hardly the owner of "Reno" went to the store, as his car fell concrete beams, which were collected from the wall.

— Thunder roared and shook the floor. There was no one near, the rain came, no one. Immediately flooded with water from above — says witness the accident Anna richer.

The owner of the car said he had left the car for long. I decided to wait out the rain in the store, and when he returned, just could not believe it.

— HOA to the wall to do. Construction set builders who erected the building trade center. Originally an underground garage was covered with earth. This design was shaped hill. To expand the area in front of the
, builders "cut" one of its slope, — Chairman Valery Gubankov HOA.

Employees of the shopping center to comment on the presence of TV cameras refused, but assured that the wall of the shop does not belong. Space they bought ready-made, the danger Attached garages design never knew existed. Employees do not just put a car on this site. Mikhail Grigoryev, owner of the car now, it seems, will have to look for the truth in court. However, the chairman of the HOA has already applied to the Ministry of Urban Development of Chuvashia, there to help in the search for contractors and customers of the building, according to TV "Chuvashia".

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