The Mayan Calendar — Deciphering Earths past?

The massive crash shook the earth since its inception to the present day. Many of them fall on the existence of Homo sapiens, a lot has happened in historical terms recently.

Colossal Gobi-Altai earthquake of December 4, 1957, floods in Bengal in 1737 and 1876 with thousands of victims of the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883, the tragedy of Pompeii in 79 AD — all these events are clearly dated. However, the farther into the depths of your stories such shocks quickly lose their sharpness. Already a volcanic eruption on the island of Santorini, which took place one and a half thousand years before zry dates back to within about 100 years, which we talk about older cataclysms?

"Travel" Atlantis

Dispute about the time the destruction of Atlantis for centuries. Often questioned and the place of its geographical location. Unfortunate island-continent is moved to the Aegean Sea, the throw in the Arctic or Antarctic, it vshskivayut the "vast expanses" Lake Titakaka then identified with some island in the Pacific or Indian Ocean. No, Atlantis was located in the Atlantic, with the Pillars of Hercules, it hurts too large for Titmkaki or Aegean Sea, and Plato in his time spoke about the place of its position unequivocally.

Amazing find in the ocean

As for the time of her death, a lot of facts put the date contained the ancient Greek author (9000 BC), in doubt. In particular, the drilling of a deep bottom of the Atlantic ocean research vessel Glomar Challenger showed that near the mid-ocean ridge, where, perhaps, was Atlantis, developed exclusively calcareous deep-sea sediments with a thickness up to several tens of meters. This indicates that not only for 9000 years before our era, and 10.5 million years ago, a land in the middle of the Atlantic was not. Tuleanskaya land — Another possible location of Atlantis, also submerged more than 5 million years ago.

"Cosmic Year" — alautun

Proponents of the hypothesis linking the Atlantis with Crete-Mycenaean civilization and the eruption of Santorini, Plato suspected that he either willfully, or even for some reason added to the date of death of the legendary island of extra toe and neuvya zochka-back in centuries-dealing Egyptian priests, to tell the Greek story.

Suppose that Plato, however, was wrong, but not zero, and … over the years. It is known that the ancient Egyptian priests, as well as their overseas "colleagues" of the priestly caste Maya enjoyed special, secret calendar, which was attended by various "cosmic year" period of many centuries, if not thousands or millions of years. Ancient calendars seem to have sunk into oblivion, but the Mayan survivors of generation, conquest, and shock. It begins with the sacred year "Tun" lasting 360 days. 20 tuns are one kagun, or 20 years in the modern era. 20 katuns — one baktun, or 400 years. 20 bakgunov — one piktun, or 8000 years. 20 piktunov — this is one kalabtun, or 1600 000 years. 20 kalabtunov equals one kinchilbtunu, or 3.2 million years. Finally, add up to 20 kinchilbtunov largest Mayan "cosmic year" — alautun equal to 64 million years. About as many, according to recent data, our sun spends one turn vofug galactic center.

Giants first appeared on Earth 18 million years ago

So, if we multiply one baktun of 9000, we get 3.6 million years, which is close enough to the age Tuleanskoy sushi. The multiplication of the same date one piktun gives 72 million years, which is far from covers the age of carbonate sediments in the mid-Atlantic ocean ridge. This is unlikely to fit in with the popular idea of the age of humanity, but, nevertheless, it may not yet be at the date of its age does not scale.

After all, American scientists have found in the late nineties of the last century in the region of the Easter Island civilization traces older than 12.5 million years. It is these results were obtained using radiocarbon analysis. A legend of the indigenous inhabitants of the island lost in the ocean say that humanity has on our planet 18 million years ago. They were the giants rise 18 meters. Something to talk in detail about the Tibetan occult tradition in the interpretation of EP Blavatsky and her followers. Needless to say a number of anomalous archeological finds, allowing calculate the age of upright bipedal humanoid creatures on the planet hundreds of millions of years.

"Code Vatikanus"

Legends about giant humans is not only the inhabitants of "civilized askhi and occultists, but among many tribes of Africa and America. According to the legends of the Aztecs, on Earth before the advent of modern sequential changes of four human era. "Code Vatikanus" — a true monument of Aztec culture — says that the first race were giants on the earth, and they died of starvation. Second period with such humanity was the victim of a giant fire. Some of these creatures, according to legend, was able to survive by creating underground tunnels and fortified camera. Curiously, the traces of branched underground structures whose age is unlikely to assess, are found in many parts of our apanety.

There they are in South America, and in the African Sahara desert, and in India, and Western Europe. Is no exception and Russia. At Samara Bend there is a tradition of underground dwellers Lada, that some creatures in ancient times built under zhigulevskogo mountains mysterious asylum. There are people who say that have been there, in the underground halls with frozen ice crystals ancient animals and very tall people with six fingers on his hands.
Third "humanity" Aztec myths were intelligent monkeys, also became the victim of a disaster. The fourth race was similar to modern humans and killed by the flood. Fifth, modern, still alive and kicking.

Aztecs mistook years?

Similar views on the history of humanity contained in the "Code of Rios 'and' Code Telleriano-Remensis" is a rewrite of Latin characters in Aztec from earlier, pagan, source documents. They also mentioned four old men age, their sequencing, and although the cause of death are somewhat different from those in the "Code Vatikanus." They are: the Giants (lived 4008 years, were killed by the flood), once again the Giants (lived 4010 years, were killed by the hurricane), monkeys (lived 4601 years, the cause of death was a fire), the fourth age was quite similar to the modern.

Why not assume that the Aztecs in the correspondence documents older and educated peoples something messed up over the years? By making this assumption, we can make a work table for dating disasters mentioned by "Space's" Mayan calendar. To round off this somewhat approximate lifespan of the mentioned periods up to 4000 and will multiply it for all these "baktun" and "kalabtuny." And then look: you do not agree with what the date received either real or hypothetical accidents. However, the worksheet to bore the reader, we will not, and go straight to the noted matches.

Incredible coincidence

80,000 years (4000 hvtunov) back.
Some scientists do not exclude the possibility of any kind of reasonable Neanderthals. They could be killed with their foolish fellow, or some cataclysm. Why would it not then?
160 000 years (8000 katuns) back. About this time in America became extinct fossil elephants and horses. In this age (150 — 200 thousand years) Peruvian professor Javier Cabrera appreciates sensational at the time of Ica stones, depicting larger-mysterious people and their activities, including, for example, heart transplant.
32 million (4000 bakgunov) years ago. Start of rapid mountain building in the world, and glaciation of Antarctica. There are medieval maps copied from ancient sources, which shows Antarctica without ice and with an off-the South Pole, as well as very detailed pictures of other continents as they were about 25 million years ago.

84 million (8000 bayuunov) years ago. The extinction of the dinosaurs. To people it sobytme like nothing can not have, but in 1945 in Mexico have been found clay figurines of dinosaurs. In the U.S., in the state of Texas, in the Valley of the Giants and the riverbed Peleksi in petrified sandstone near the traces of various dinosaurs almost ubiquitous human. In 1935, the American geologist Burri reported findings fingerprint of human legs in layers whose age is … 250 million years old.

1 billion 920 million years old (12000 kalabtunov) years ago. Ironically, some meaning may have even this date. Age from 2 to 2.8 billion years old found in South Africa date back to the metal balls with notches that are clearly artificial. They have one mysterious distinctive feature: lying on a shelf in a museum, they are during the day revolves around its own axis. Themselves. What the mysterious creatures with equally mysterious technologies have created them?

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Mysteries of civilization "

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