The mysterious Dogon tribe of Mali had predicted the coming of the Space Gods

Secret knowledge of the Dogon

African Dogon tribe inhabits a small area in the dense jungle in the bend of the Niger (Republic of Mali). Even in the midst of the day there twilight — dense foliage hardly miss the sun. The number of mini-ethnic group — a total of about 300,000 people. And they live in the jungle, that their existence the world learned only in 1931. About 50% of the Dogon practice Islam, others retain ancient traditional beliefs. The main occupation — agriculture (in some areas use irrigation), also bred cattle.

It all began in 1931, when French explorers led by Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterle studied the customs and beliefs of the people. Dogon myths hidden from prying ears, they can tell only members of the "Ava olubaru" (Society of masks), who know the "language of Sirius." Griaule but managed to win the trust of dogonskih Patriarchs, and Marcel was in the secret knowledge. And that's what they have learned.

For example, catching up with known planets Jupiter and Saturn, each of which denotes their specific characters. For Jupiter is a circle next to it are four smaller circle, and for Saturn — two concentric circles. Knowledge of the two largest planets in the solar system are not limited to the traditions of the tribe. They are also the most modern information and concepts about the structure of the universe. Here are some fragments of the Dogon legends recorded their words.

"The Earth revolves around them and, in addition, is a great world round like a top, which rotates and goes around the circle." Here no comment. Sun rotates on its axis, as it put into motion a spiral spring. "This people say, who are not only able to observe the sun's rotation, but the coil spring never even seen."

But this is not enough. Dogon legends read as well as the following. "At the beginning of all things was Amma (the creator or the fundamental principles that created the cosmos in its entirety) that everything was not supported … Egg-ball Amma was closed … When Amma broke the egg of the world and came out of him, there was a spinning vortex … In result, there was a "Yala" (in the language of the Dogon word means moving from the abstract to the concrete) of the spiral, which rotates inside the egg and meant future expansion of the world. " Rather complicated, as is often the case in ancient myths. And not everyone wants to dig into this "nonsense", but still these people are. And then think about what else could explain not know physics, astronomy and mathematics actually primitives such a complex phenomenon as the primary big bang, and the continued expansion of the universe billions of years? We are today, when we are trying to describe obscure processes and objects using comparisons of our life and the world (the cosmic egg, the big bang, the recession of galaxies — in space no eggs, galaxies do not run, because they have no legs), since then can understand what is happening. Add to this the comparison expressions related to modern technology (sped up like a rocket, works as a computer, used to say, like a clock), which would be completely incomprehensible to a man of the past and will most likely do not understand the man of the future, and you will come to same result as the Dogon.

Starry realms of mythology Dogon

Where the Dogon have the knowledge, if neither they nor their ancestors never left the old neighborhoods? And then comes to the rescue Sirius. The star system as detailed in the Dogon mythology. Sirius — Alpha Canis Major — is the brightest star in the world's skies. Particular attention of astronomers Sirius attracted at one time small periodic changes its brightness.

Long-term observations revealed that it essentially consists of two stars — blue giant and a white dwarf (Sirius A and Sirius B), which rotate around a common center of gravity. And in 1970 established the presence in the solar system, another small stars, which was given the name Sirius C. So, the Dogon know about all of these stars and their characteristics.

Dogon know that the stars are removed from the earth, which is close to the Sun only. Sirius, called the "navel of the world", takes a major role in a group of stars, including the constellation Orion and several nearby (in the sky) stars. The latter include: the Pleiades, Enegerin Tolo — "Star Shepherd Goats" (gamma Canis Minor), Tara tolo — Procyon, etc. The combination of these stars is an internal system of stars or a support foundation of the world, is directly involved in life on Earth. The external system consists of other, more distant stars, to a lesser extent interfere in human life.

This system forms a spiral star world — Yalu Ulo, which can be seen in the sky as the Milky Way — a very clear definition of our Galaxy. Yalu Ulo rotates around an axis passing through the North Star and the Southern Cross constellation (in fact, the pole of the galaxy projected onto the North of the constellation Coma Berenices, and the South — in the constellation Sculptor. Interestingly, polar axis — Southern Cross lies almost in the same plane with the axis Galaxy and almost (divergence is 5-7 degrees) — perpendicular to it).

Such helical stellar worlds, or, in modern terminology, the galaxies in the universe are infinitely many, and the universe itself is infinite, but measurable. The universe is populated by creatures. In another land, according to the Dogon live horned, tailed, winged, crawling people.

With regard to plants, for example, pumpkin seeds and sorrel, before reaching the Earth, "lay on the edge of the Milky Way" and "have sprouted in all the worlds of the universe."

Dogon when asked who gave their ancestors as amazing information, they respond that it was Nommo, who once came to the "ark" is just one of … the Sirius system. Nommo, who is depicted as the Dogon poluchelovek-snake with flexible joints and limbs without a forked tongue. Along with him came to Earth and human ancestors. Scientists became interested in Dogon, found that, in addition to Sirius, they still have information about 226 star systems! Not only that, the tribe owns and knowledge in the field of molecular biology, nuclear physics, and other sciences.

As for the Sirius system, the Dogon have reported that some of its stars can be considered one of the caves. In addition, in this cave are some "evidence." However, despite urgent entreaties of scientists, the natives have not disclosed the location of the cave, as well as what they mean by "physical evidence." Whether there are any super astronomical instruments created by civilization Sirius, or Sirians left something there for storage in anticipation of the next visit. This is anyone's guess.

The question remains

Based on the work of the French Griaule and Dieterle (Dogon whose studies were initiated in 1931 and published in 1950), R. Temple, in his book "The Sirius Mystery" (1978) concludes that the Dogon mythology reflects the history of aliens visiting Earth 5000 years ago. Convinced many of his conclusions, but have been debunked such ufologists, as Carl Sagan and Ronald Storey, who claim to have heard about the Dogon Sirius in the local French missionaries even before Griaule and Dieterle began to explore their beliefs, and just include this information in their "ancient" rituals.

"However, it is questionable not only astronomical knowledge that shone preachers, but the fact that they have in primary schools there were no other topics for conversations with the natives than novelties of modern astronomy — write Varakin A. and L. Zdanowicz in the book" Secrets of the UFO. " — In general, given the main cosmological postulates the Bible, we assume that astronomy — the last of the variety of topics that could be discussed Christian preachers with their wards. However, even if you close your eyes to this objection and imagine of Jesuit fathers sort of fiery Galileo, who would undertake to educate primitive African Community, part of astronomy, it seems highly improbable assumption that the shamans of the Dogon will take to ship their mythology on the basis of European astronomers … The question of how the Dogon captured so perfectly on the one hand, and so, paradoxically, on the other — knowledge of astronomy and what events antiquity influenced their mythology, remains open. "

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