The mysterious underground land

Mysterious underground tunnels found on all continents. Experts are convinced that it is a very ancient man-made structures. But still do not know who built them and for what purpose.

Moves under the world

Polish researcher Ian Paenk argues that system of ancient tunnel covers the entire planet, including the ocean floor. Tunnels as if burned in the land. Their walls are hardened molten rock that looks like glass. Modern humanity like tunneling technology is unknown.

The oldest tunnels, whose age is estimated at about one million years old, found in 1965 by Argentine Juan ethnologist Maurice. In Ecuador, in the province of Morona-Santiago, his expedition explored and mapped the system of tunnels, mostly rectangular, lies at a depth of 230 meters. Their smooth walls seem polished. They found vent pipe diameter of about 70 centimeters. These mysterious underground structures extend for hundreds of miles in all directions, including towards the Pacific Ocean. Most of them are still unexplored.

American specialist Andrew Thomas is convinced that the ancient underground tunnels penetrate the North American continent, and associate it with Europe and East Asia. In some places, there is an important crossroads of the tunnel — the nodes. One node is located under Mount Shasta in California. Hence one of the branches is a huge cavity, discovered in 1980, under the bottom of the Pacific Ocean near California.

Another node is Tibet. literally riddled with underground tunnels with perfectly smooth walls. Buddhist monks say that here, in the depths of the mountains and the earth. is legendary Shambhala, which is inhabited by initiates. These mysterious people move through the tunnels in devices moving at great speed.

Vast unexplored underground cavities were found recently in Egypt, the pyramids at Giza. They spend a great galleries to the north — to the Black Sea and the Caucasus, to the east — to Tibet and to the west — to the Atlantic Ocean. There they are, seem to connect with the American system of tunnels.

In the Caucasus and Crimea is another ancient site of the underground system. Cavers found in the Caucasus, a mountain range Uvarov, tunnels, going to the Crimea. Caspian Sea and the Volga region. The Volga is Medveditskaya mountain range, in the depths of which also has an extensive network of tunnels. Most of them have a circular cross-section, their diameter ranges from 7 to 30 meters. There are also rooms large.

Researcher P. Mironichenko in his book "The Legend of the LFA" writes that the ancient underground tunnels stitched all of Russia, including Siberia and the Far East. While not all discovered tunnels. Similar findings are made more often than chance. For example, the ancient underground tunnel was discovered in 1950 during the construction of a tunnel under the bottom of the Tatar Strait, when they wanted to join the underground railroad Sakhalin Island to the mainland. According to the memoirs of one of the participants of those works, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Berman, tunnellers not so constructed as restoring a very old tunnel. To the end and did not get. It is assumed that he is going through Sakhalin to Japan and then to America.

Ancient people were waiting for a nuclear strike

It is noticed that the older and deeper tunnel, so it is perfect in design and fine-tuned. Tunnels age 12,000 years found in Western Europe — the most "young" and structurally the most serious of all known ancient underground structures. But even they could not be built by primitive people who inhabited by modern historical views, at the time the planet. What to say about a lot more sophisticated tunnels, whose age is estimated in the tens of thousands and millions of years! Remains n We assume that in ancient times on Earth there really any advanced civilization, which for some reason has disappeared from the surface of the planet, leaving her only our uncivilized ancestors.

Speaking about the reasons for her disappearance, some experts point to the possibility of the outbreak in ancient times a nuclear war. Careful study of a group of French experts dozens of large craters on the planet's surface, which are considered traces of meteorite impacts, showed that they could be formed as a result of nuclear explosions. The age of most craters is estimated at 25 thousand years. The deepest is in South Africa. According to researchers, it was formed by a nuclear strike capacity of over 500,000 tons of TNT-equivalent of fishing (power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, is estimated at 20 000 tonnes).

Apparently, 25,000 years ago, then humanity knew about the impending nuclear attack and were preparing for it. For this purpose were created underground shelters. But it is unknown whether they have helped: detecting tunnels are empty. This raises the question of who built the more ancient underground structures, age hundreds of thousands and millions of years? Why were they built?

Underground country

The easiest way to explain the occurrence of tunnel activity alien invaders. But now, most researchers are inclined to think that these constructions created the world's people, has the highest technology. Perhaps the most ancient underground tunnels were built in anticipation of a global natural disaster. Science is beginning to approach the understanding that after a certain period of time on Earth is a terrible cataclysm. The most devastating of these occur about once every 60 million years. Not as powerful, but also threatening the existence of humanity catastrophes occur at intervals of 100, 41 and 21 thousand years. Knowing this, the oldest "supermen", first built tunnels, and then completely went to great natural cavities under the ground, where there are the sea, its fauna and flora. The existence of a self-contained underground biosphere with many ancient forms of life and it has been postulated by modern science. People were able to settle in this underground world, adapt to it and continue to exist.

Mysterious underground tunnels

The hunters of the 19th century, next to the murdered pterodactyl

There is every reason to believe that they are still living in our "turn-down. In England, during the laying of mines miners heard the sound of marching out of the ground working mechanisms. Once people try a stone column and found GONE round down well with perfectly smooth walls, the sound amplified. Immediately interested in finding secret services and the workers of the mine have been removed. Further developments in this place is not known. Security services intervened in an investigation of the discovered in New Zealand, which came from the depths of mechanical shock and sounds like a siren. For the same, probably because is not available for the study of the underground labyrinth in Hunan Province, China. According to reports, there found an underground room with lots of ancient drawings, of which depict people in modern clothes, sitting in the apparatus, similar to the UFO. Dungeons are announced periodically sound coming out of the ground.

Another proof of the existence of the underground world inhabited — appearing mysterious animals on Earth: pterodactyls, underwater lizards, and other chupacabra. Creatures that are considered extinct, or even unknown, appear for a short time and then disappear to nowhere. Obviously, the underworld is connected to our dozens of underground and underwater passages. On them and make their way to us with these creatures.

Ian Paenk and other researchers believe that the technical level of the underground civilization of our much higher. It is from there come to us aircraft that we call UFOs. Indeed, for the aliens from outer space "dish" appear too often. It is more logical to assume that the area from which they come, is not in space, but somewhere near us. Location of their world pilots "plates" seek to preserve secret from people, so disguised aliens.

About the underworld, which is inhabited by humans for millions of years, scientists do not know. But perhaps the intelligence agencies are aware of it. It is possible that they have long been supported by his representatives secret contacts …

Igor Voloznev Secrets of the twentieth century, № 38, 2012

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