The number of skeletons Mona Lisa reached 7 pieces

In search of the remains of the woman who posed for Leonardo da Vinci, archaeologists have learned from her grave in another mysterious stranger

Fortune favors scientists who conduct excavations in the abandoned convent of St. Ursula in Florence. They dig one skeleton after another. The other day got the sixth and seventh. Thus the probability that the remains will be found among the unknown — the remains of the woman who posed for Leonardo da Vinci — increases with each finding. Not even excepting that they have recovered from the grave.

The famous portrait of Leonardo da Vinci "mysterious stranger"
Photo: Silvano Vincheti

Excavations were started last year. Directs Vincheti Professor Silvano (Silvano Vinceti), head of the Italian National Committee for Cultural Heritage (president of Italy's National Committee for Cultural Heritage). He was allowed to check the most common hypothesis about the identity of "mysterious stranger," which served as the model for the famous Mona Lisa. Or the Mona Lisa, also known as the painting. Allegedly almost 500 years ago by Leonardo da Vinci wrote it with Gherardino Lisa del Giocondo — wealthy merchant's wife — silk merchant named Francesco del Giocondo, who, in fact, the master ordered her portrait.

Using the old documents, the researchers found that Lisa del Giocondo Gherardino buried in the convent of St. Ursula in Florence, where she spent her last years of life. Was until his death in 1542. While at the monastery served as a nun, one of the daughters of widow — Marietta, which she took to her mother after her father died.

Excavations in the abandoned convent of St. Ursula in Florence.
Photo: Silvano Vincheti

When out of a disposal under the altar, removed the skeleton first, we thought that this is the "Mona Lisa." But then — in the same grave — discovered a second, third, fourth, fifth … Recently learned the sixth and seventh. Some obviously superfluous. After all, the Mona Lisa was one.

Scientists explain the abundance of skeletons as follows: If deceased lived in a monastery, but were not nuns, they were buried, putting some of the body over the other. So later burial is over the earlier ones. Now they appear — one by one — with the deepening of the excavation.

Lisa, are you?
Photo: Silvano Vincheti

So far managed to more or less accurately identify the fourth skeleton. Most likely it belonged to a wealthy woman — Maria del Riccio, who died in 1609.

Does any of the seven recovered skeletal remains "Mona Lisa"? Archaeologists are not so sure, at the beginning of excavation. So going to dig up all those who are buried in this place. Maybe next desired skeleton. Perhaps the following will not be. After all, how many exactly skeletons buried under the altar is not known.

In any case, the problem of identification of the remains of Lisa del Giocondo Gherardino among found complicated, because they will have to undergo genetic examination. Samples of their DNA will be compared with those that are received after the genetic analysis of the remains of two children widow, buried in the Florentine church of the Most Holy Annunciation.

Next plan is. If confirmed, it was found that the "Mona Lisa", the specialists with the method of Professor Gerasimov recreate her face from a skull. Will only compare our portrait that was painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

Latest find — just two skeletons
Photo: Silvano Vincheti
All of the identified remains will be subjected to genetic examination
Photo: Silvano Vincheti

If it detects an undeniable resemblance, the debate about who is posing for the master will have to stop once and for all. Lisa del Giocondo Gherardino posed. That's all.

Vladimir Lagowski

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