The operator of a nuclear power plant Fukushima is not ready for the impending typhoon

Japanese company TEPCO, the operator of the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident-1, said that the station is not fully ready for the promised worsening weather conditions, according to the Russian service Bi-bi-si.

According to the Japan Meteorological Department, in power on Sunday is expected to powerful typhoon.

After the accident in March this year the staff processing plant started building reactors special synthetic resin, but these works have not been completed.

Rain and wind can spread radioactive dust from the Fukushima area.


After the devastating March 11 earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Fukushima-1 refused cooling system, and on-site emergency regime was introduced. Subsequently, several explosions occurred Units of the country, which led to the release of radioactive elements in the atmosphere. Authorities evacuated people from a 20-kilometer zone around the plant.

She later appeared information about the discovery in a number of areas of Japan radioactive elements, such as isotopes of iodine and cesium in the air, sea and drinking water as well as in food.

The operator of Fukushima-1 stated that the effects of the accident may eventually exceed the scale of the tragedy at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986.

Earlier, TEPCO confirmed the resignation of its president, 66-year-old Masataka Shimizu, who has assumed responsibility for the nuclear crisis in Japan.

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