The Pentagon will endow the soldiers vision terminator


Text: Andrew Velichko

Studs to the protective helmet device created by the War Department, allowing you to see the three-dimensional image that is broadcast with digital cameras, as well as labeling objects. As long as that person is not very similar to the "killer robot".
(Photo by Noah Shachtman / Wired.)

Project Soldier Centric Imaging via Computational Cameras effort (SCENICC) presented by the Office of Advanced Research (DARPA), which is part of the U.S. Department of Defense.

SCENICC — binocular device that helps to see the space on the 360? with a coverage area of a width of about a kilometer. There's also instant 10x zoom. Furthermore, the device has a system targeting, identification and marking objects (including designation threats) tracing shells and other similar properties.

Device weighs only 700 grams, its trouble-free operation can be achieved during the "24-plus hours in normal conditions." Management mechanism is still unknown, but certainly hand fighter involved in this will not be.

The required data must come from other similar instruments, and reconnaissance assets — such as drones, unmanned aerial vehicles. Not much, however, it is clear how well a person can handle these flows of information, especially in the heat of battle.

In the case of the successful implementation of the project (which can take up to four years) development system can compete with Nett Warrior, which is projected just three companies: Raytheon, Rockwell Collins and General Dynamics. Nett Warrior involves the creation of a set of gadgets that are placed on the body of a soldier and combine digital maps, computers and radio communications.

Needless, SCENICC replace "advanced" talkies based smartphone or other mobile communications equipment, now being developed in the bowels of the Ministry.

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