The presidential palace is flooded in the floods in Jakarta

The presidential palace in the Indonesian capital on Thursday morning was flooded as a result of flooding, given to the national media.

Floods caused by heavy rain and landslides in the district of Jakarta and the adjacent Banten province on Java island has killed eight people, about 120,000 homeless.

"President (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs to move an appointment with Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner," — said the Internet portal of the official representative of the head of Indonesia Julian Aldrin Pasha (Julian Aldrin Pasha). This was done after the National Office for Disaster Management (BNPB) Yudhoyono informed about the threat of flooding of the presidential palace, he added. According, the water level in the vicinity of the palace is now in some places exceeds meter.

Morning in the flooded capital could not get not only buses, but trains from the suburbs of Bekasi, Tangerang and Depok, passengers trying to get to work in other ways, given to the national news agency Antara. The water level at some stations than half a meter, and many major highways in Jakarta also flooded. The situation is particularly severe in the east of the capital, where the flooded seven out of ten administrative regions, in some places the water level reaches three meters. The situation was particularly dangerous on Thursday morning — the threat of breaking the locks on the river, some of them had to open.

The current rainy season in Indonesia worsened chronic problems metropolis, home to 25 million people. Foundation on which stands Jakarta, sags due to the active use of ground water. City "sink" at a rate ten centimeters per year, and, according to national media, now more than half of the capital lies below sea level. In this regard, during the rainy season, many areas of Jakarta are flooded.

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