The royal family — the source of world evil?

In the days when the British Empire was at the height of his power, to blame the royal family in the plot, which aims — to rule the world, it was pointless. Why? Because this circuit no one hiding. But a hundred years later the world map fundamentally changed. And the family of Windsor has become an easy target for attacks. Below we publish examples of such charges and a brief comment on it.

Who manages the "Al-Qaeda"

A famous American politician and "conspiracy debunker" Lyndon LaRouche accuses royal family that she rules the world (or most of it) through puppets — owners of large multinational corporations.

L.Larush says Windsors exploited by various international agencies. For example, the ex-president of the World Wildlife Fund, Prince Philip coordinated under the auspices of the organization of international terrorism and manage ethnic conflict. Today, the highest "achievement" of the fund is the genocide in Rwanda. You thought exclaims LaRouche, is the work of looters, gangsters and extremists? No, it was the work of the British-trained soldiers from the army of President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, and in the not-ace rebel Tutsi.

These soldiers are trained in the camps, ostensibly established under cover programs of the World Wildlife Fund to protect the gorillas. The operation fund and Rwanda is not unique. All that happens in the Third World, from military coups and rebellions and ending environmental protests {for example, against the French nuclear testing in the Pacific), in fact the work of SAS airborne special forces. SAS stands for and what LaRouche calls the Afghan terrorist network (today it is more commonly known as "Al-Qaeda"), which, according to reliable sources, fully coordinate and control international terrorism.

Descendants of Malthus

Why is that, you ask, the husband of Queen Elizabeth to plot that led to the genocide in Rwanda? In response to the statement quoted LaRouche Prince Philip: "If I were reincarnated, I would like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus that somehow (!) To solve the problem of overpopulation." Prince Consort, following the precepts of the English priest, demographer and economist T. Malthus (1766-1834 gg.), Wants to solve the problems of mankind by reducing its numbers. Buckingham Palace had no choice but to declare a sour smile this gem a bad joke.

However L.Larush not inclined to believe the testimony of Philip inappropriate humor. The fact that Prince Philip, in his opinion, is the unofficial leader of the so-called Club Islands (informal, highly classified union of European aristocratic circles). The assets of the Club are, according to estimates LaRouche, about $ 10 trillion. The combined business includes the company Shell, Imperial Chemical Trust, Unilever (Anglo-Dutch chemical, perfume and food giant), Lloyd's of London (the famous insurance market, mistakenly sometimes called the insurance company), an Australian company Lonrho, Rio Tinto Zink Corporation and metallurgical chemical holding), De Beers (International Corporation for the extraction and processing of natural diamonds). Thus, the club controls the world's vast reserves of raw materials. So selfish oligarchy that manipulates the world's food supply. As a result of its policy, LaRouche concluded, in the world die each year from hunger and malnutrition around 10 million people.

Genocide in Rwanda, he further develops his idea — this is only one element of a broad plan to create a single world empire, developed by the Royal Institute of International Affairs (known as Chatham House). Control of the empire will be based on the principle of feudalism. Only such a model meets Prince Philip and his "noble" friends in the City who are hatching plans to reduce the world's population fivefold, to one billion people.

Destroy the monkeys!

LaRouche supporters claim that Prince Philip found influential followers. Environmental terrorist D. Foreman, known explosions factory chimneys, open welcomes the AIDS virus and believes that it is spreading slowly. Due to the huge funds invested Foremanom D. and his associates to the funds of the International Forum antiglobalisticheskogo, hardly confined to the case regrets. Supposedly, according to the world's financial elite, the maximum number of people in the world should not exceed 500 million people — enough to serve the oligarchs.

Huge amounts of money, convince us. Environmental advocates, secretly invested in the development of special biological weapons, which by virus attacks selectively kill people leaving intact all life. French chemists seem to be close to completing a terrible toxin that can destroy humanity. Chemists-maniacs are ready to go even further, destroying all the great apes to have, God forbid, there were again people …

Beatles and opium

The extermination of the world's population, provided by the Club of islands with serious social protests. Malthus guardians understand this, and on this account they have, according to LaRouche, has a cunning plan … They implanted rock culture (which is usually accompanied by unbridled sex and drugs). Former Special Agent David Coleman says — that "The Beatles" were also part of the campaign.

And Queen Elizabeth, meanwhile writes numerous … science fiction novels under various pseudonyms. Her books are designed to disorient an impressionable youth. In the future — from youth associations "in defense of nature", which will fund, of course, the World Wildlife Fund, Prince Philip, and to act like Hitler.

Windsor dynasty, angry LaRouche, monitors global drug trafficking.

Epilogue to "revelations"

Scandalous "revelations" of such research plots, as Mr. LaRouche, suggests that the family of Windsor strongly to spite someone.

Not be denied that the international financial and industrial circles actively influence on world politics — that goes without saying. The fact that this effect turns bloodshed in different parts of the planet, too, no doubt. However, to attribute the Buckingham Palace terrorism coordination and management of "Al-Qaeda," at least not serious: the plan does not include the powerful Islamist British Empire and its Christian religion. No less naive to attribute the spread of mass-culture British secret services …

As for Queen Elizabeth, she should not to scare: enough and family, and public issues. And if authentic version, though the author of "Alice in Wonderland" is the Queen Victoria, the present possessor of the crown clearly not up to the novels.

Profoundly mistaken are those who believe that the Queen "reigns but does not rule." For 57 years on the throne of Elizabeth II was so much important information, including a deep secret, how many did not dream any prime minister or the president! That is why it is — the most influential of world politics, impossibly busy work. Without her consent is not taken any decision in the domestic and foreign policy.
Nevertheless, terrorism and sinister conspiracies in the world lack. There is a lack of food and medicine. Mankind really is threatened with extinction. So who benefits ascribe the source of this threat is the Buckingham Palace, the White House, the Kremlin? ..

M.Galitsky "Interesting newspaper. Mysteries of civilization" № 6

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