The search for the Holy Grail

One of the most important areas of top-secret work in the Third Reich is the search for the Holy Grail chalice.

Holy Grail — in another writing Grail as the translation of the Old French — the so-called Bounty Bowl, or the sacred chalice from which Jesus supposedly ate at the Last Supper. After this, the Savior came into the hands of enemies, was convicted and crucified on Calvary. It is in this cup Joseph of Arimathea collected the blood from the wounds of the crucified Christ, and then the cup got extraordinary magical.

According to legend, the Holy Grail for Christ brought to earth the angels of heaven, but after the resurrection of the Savior bowl kept on the inaccessible mountain Montsalvat. Gradually, the ancient legends of the Grail merged with the beautiful heroic legends of the Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur.

Unlike Spear, described in the Gospel of the Holy Grail after the Resurrection of Christ was never seen. However, for thousands of years Christians considered it the greatest shrines and relics, and chivalry was considered natural to engage in search of the legendary Holy Grail. Where mountain Montsalvat, no one ever knew — to our knowledge, the mountain of the same name does not exist.

It was believed that the Spear of Destiny and the holy grail are parts of one whole — uniting them in one hand, the death would be master of the world. Inclined to mysticism Adolf Hitler repeatedly went to see the Vienna museum on the spear and, of course, have heard the legend of the Holy Grail chalice.

However, while Hitler was in complete control of Germany, there was no question of the seizure of shrines that could lead to world domination. After 1933, Hitler had already hatched plans for the annexation of Austria — the so-called Anschluss. This idea occurred to him much earlier, but to implement it and grab the Spear of Destiny, he was only able to in 1938.

Despite the apparently mythical information about the Holy Grail, Chancellor Adolf Hitler was firmly believe in the reality of the existence of the sacred chalice and mountains Montsalvat. According to him, the mysterious name is like a cipher, which should solve. Time or darkness hid the ancient name for later, but you can find the right way to the cherished treasure.

Work hard on difficult field search of the Holy Grail had to be "faithful to Henry" — Reichsführer SS Himmler. Work to find the shrine were marked "gehayme fershlyus Zaha" — is meant in the Reich, the highest degree of privacy. Himmler was in charge of an expedition to search for Shambhala and the creation of race "supermen", so it was logical to entrust his department and the search of the sacred chalice.

On the search for the Holy Grail Himmler decided to approach from a scientific point of view — he instructed Heydrich and he invited a member of the SS, a professor and historian Otto Clusaz.

— You have to spend an unusual work in conditions of strict secrecy, and in the shortest possible time. Consider this a request Fuhrer! Can attract the necessary number of assistants, but not disclosing to them the essence of the problem.

— What should I do?

— Lots of six months, we have to know all about the cup of the Holy Grail and its possible whereabouts.

Clusaz seriously took up running errands, and soon the whole staff of graduate students and young historians rummaging through dusty tomes libraries and book collections in Germany. Professor used his connections with colleagues abroad and he went to Spain and France, and in England and Poland sent his disciples.

Clusaz prepared scientifically based survey-help guide to the RSHA. According to the data they collected the holy grail of all actively looking for Knights Crusaders, but if anyone has managed to take over the shrine, we tried to keep it a secret. Master the bowl to the French, or Spanish, or might the Knights Templar destroyed by French King Philip the Fair. If he captured the cup, this would be known — not worth forget about the French Revolution!

Britons, according Clusaz completely excluded — they have long had disagreements with Rome. But you should pay special attention to the treasure of the Knights Templar was not found. Among them could be the famous holy chalice.

According to the German historians, it should look in the Pyrenees: as the Spanish side, and with the French. The most promising location in the search were considered Navarre, Basque country and Aragon, and Vanera valley in France, near the Spanish border.

— And if the Holy Grail is in Germany? — Postponing the inquiry, asked Heydrich.

— Excluded — confidently replied Clusaz. — This is a long time you would have learned. Europe is not as great as it seems. And the most remote places in it the Alps and the Pyrenees.

— Logical — thinking, agreed Heydrich …

Soon he reported plan Reichsführer SS Himmler, who briefed him Hitler. Work began immediately — German agents went to the south of France and in Spain. SS secret expedition under disguise of climbers.

They were looking for and map the old abandoned temples, ancient monasteries and similar buildings. According to fairleads, which became the main scientific advisor search, holy grail could be stored in the form of a treasure buried in the earth: it is contrary to the Christian dogma. Earth gives a dead body, not sacred. Cup to be found in a cave or a secret vault.

However, the search is not successful: the result was a real refinement maps. Esesmany justified by the fact that not all climb round: mountain too high. Heydrich then decided to strengthen the collection of intelligence information in order to play it safe. Someone must know something about it?

Nazis carried — raised by General Franco rebellion in Spain is largely untied their hands. However, Heydrich and his staff engaged in covert operations, did not report on their plans Spanish allies. The Nazis were able to identify the most promising areas of searches: a neighborhood of Pamplona in Navarre Vorgaru in Basque and Sangesu in Aragon.

But all their efforts were in vain again — Pyrenees did not want to reveal their innermost secrets.

Hitler often interested Himmler how things are looking. In 1938, the Nazis entered Austria and Hitler took over the coveted Spear of Destiny. Himmler believed that at some time it will calm Hitler, but then remembered Adolf unresolved Grail and ordered to accelerate work in the Pyrenees.

In 1939, the regiment bodyguard Hitler, a new officer — thirty big man with scars on his face, a native of Vienna, Otto Skorzeny. The Office of Reich Security soon to assess the ability of the graduate Vienna University and a member of the Nazi Party from 1930 Skorzeny and attracted him to a special task in the Pyrenees. There Skorzeny was able to strike up strong links with the Spanish Falangists, but … did not find the Grail, no matter how hard he tried.

Soon after the Second World War. Trained by the SS of the RSHA scrutinized every country occupied by the Germans, all archives, monasteries, temples, castles and estates, private collections and the museum's storerooms — they were looking for the Holy Grail, or at least traces of it! It was all done in secrecy, and even many high grades SS did not know the true purpose of these instructions, submit to the personal Heydrich or Himmler. However, the Grail was not found.

In 1940, Otto Skorzeny led a secret expedition in the French Pyrenees in search of legendary relics — the Fuhrer hurry, wanting to err on the eve of the big trip to the East. People Skorzeny himself climbed the valley Vanera, but to no avail. If you find the Holy Grail was supposed to seize the cup secretly, that is, to steal, and if impossible — to recover it by force. Hitler did not stop even that which is said to have taken possession of the Holy Grail with the unrighteous thoughts and goals certainly doomed.

The search for the Holy Grail continues until the collapse of the Third Reich. According to British intelligence, in the second half of April 1945 to the coast of France sent submarines with the SS on board for covert search activities. The search stopped only after Hitler's death.

Did the Nazis found the Holy Grail? It is unknown and remains a mystery. They could to deceive the enemy to pretend that continue the search. Note that Otto Skorzeny incredibly managed to escape from responsibility, although it was in the hands of the Allies, and found a refuge not in Latin America and in Spain. But if Hitler was a legendary chalice, then where did it go then? All this is wrapped in darkness and covered with a veil of secrecy great unanswered mysteries.

Vasily Vedeneev

Category: Mystery stories

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