The Seimas has condemned the use of force in Minsk

In the resolution adopted today, the Lithuanian parliament with regret that the December 19 presidential elections in Belarus did not meet the requirements put forward by the OSCE democracy and transparency.

Lithuanian Sejm deputies demanded "the immediate release of the detainees December 19 — 20 participants of the peace rally" and not to use the events as an excuse to crack down on opposition political organizations and individual politicians. "

Parliament called on the President and the Government of Lithuania all countries OSCE does not recognize the presidential elections in Belarus as a democratic and legitimate. In addition, the Diet suggested to the president, the government, the Seimas Committee on Foreign Affairs, "to discuss the appropriateness within the European Union" to raise the question of the renewal of sanctions against Republic of Belarus . "

Adoption of a resolution in the Lithuanian Parliament accompanied, as reported, scandal.

Protesting against the resolution, the Social Democrat Bronius Bradavskas offered immediately to execute and complete the anthem autumn session. Bradavskas began to sing the national anthem, he was joined by some deputies from the Social Democratic Party. Following the national anthem, sotsdemy left the courtroom. The Social Democrats insisted on considering the softer for the adoption of the draft resolution prepared Justinas Karosas.

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