The smoke poltergeist in Blagoveshchensk


Residents of five-story buildings saw a strange phenomenon. At 10:00 am on Wednesday, January 27, Annunciation single Rescue took up the challenge. To the apartment building, which is located in the alley Relochnom, the first rank of the call were drawn ambulance, gas service, rescue workers.


At the scene felt a burning smell, but no smoke, no fire was not. Neighbors say: the smoke was.

"That's the club! — Says a resident of the house. — From there, out of the corner, out in the bottom of them. " In this case, a woman pointed to one of the apartments, located in the stairwell. It's like, everything happened exactly in this apartment. The apartment's grandmother lives. "And we know that burning? — A question with a question firefighters said the owner of property. — In the morning I got up, turned on the kettle. Daughter stood. And then smoke the club. Vaughn, a neighbor saw. Smoke came out a niche …. We did not come up with it! "

The apartment did smell of burning. Firefighters inspected the house, but the source of fire was not found — smoke poltergeist! Everyone left, and grannies bdit punished. If smoke appears again out of nowhere, would have to call the fire department.

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