The threat of disaster due to the locust invasion exists in three areas of the CBD

Locust invasionExperts found a high probability of emergency due to increase of number of locusts and populating it agricultural land in three districts of Kabardino-Balkaria, told RIA Novosti on Monday, a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture CBD Svetlana Samchenko.
"In the Terek, May and Prokhladnensky areas of the country an area of about 7000 hectares recorded exceeding the threshold of economic damage settlement locusts" — said the agency interlocutor.
According to her, now a pest mainly populated forest plantations and road sides, but there is a danger of locusts and farmland.
"In this regard, the Ministry of Agriculture of the CBD is considering the allocation of the national budget of about 1 million rubles for the purchase of more than 1.1 thousand liters of insecticides for treatment of the affected areas of locusts" — said Samchenko.
The locust is a pest of crops and wild plants. This insect is able to travel long distances. Swarm of locusts in search of food destroys everything in its path crops and vegetation.

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