The U.S. plan to kill a whale beached near New York

Employees of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) United States wants "from humanitarian reasons" to kill the 18-meter fin whale, beached near New York on Wednesday morning, said on Thursday the website of TV channel CNN.

According to the channel, the male fin whale — the second largest mammal of the planet — was found on the ocean bystanders, who immediately called the emergency services. It turned out that the whale was still alive, and it arrived on the discovery by U.S. zoologists began to pour water animal and attempt to return it to the water.

As the official representative of the NOAA McHale Allison (Allison McHale), now a whale is in extremely poor physical condition and is likely to die within a few hours. She said that, in the event that by Thursday evening the whale will still breathe, NOAA employees have to "humanely" kill him.

About how the plan to kill the 18-foot fin whale, CNN does not report. According to experts of the International Whaling Commission (International Whaling Commission, IWC), shoot stranded whales longer than eight meters is impractical and therefore advises IWC during the procedure of euthanasia use explosives. In accordance with these recommendations, in September 2010, representatives of the Department of Environmental Australia undermined sick humpback whale falling out on the coast.

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