The West must not accept an agreement that will sign an illegitimate leader of the country

Tsigankov: Go to the events of December 19-20, the elections in Belarus were quite liberal, and that gave reason to the European institutions have to prepare specific papers with possible assessments and specific policy towards Belarus. There does not seem completely silent, which is now demonstrating Brussels, indicates, that the European institutions have to rewrite the documents prepared and think hard?

Lahvinets: First of all, I would not say that from Brussels is completely silent. There have been statements that condemn the actions of the Belarusian authorities, all took note of the report of OSCE. Keep in mind that now the pre-Christmas period, and the Council of the European Union will consider in January.

Of course, now plans are adjusted so as to December 19 was a certain euphoria. But Lukashenko once again showed its true face to the same stressed that the decision taken on December 19 to them personally.

Tsigankov: From 2008 the EU moved from a policy of sanctions to the policy of cooperation. Is there enough events of December 19, again to think about strategic change? What should the European Union — reverts to the policy of sanctions?

Lahvinets: Dear circles in the West want to see Belarus as an independent and democratic country. They are looking for different means to achieve this, but the funds are limited. We need to bring our Western partners, the strategic interest of the West — is an independent and democratic Belarus. Towards this goal, the West should be more interested in Belarus, to involve the maximum part of the Belarusian society to cooperate with the European Union.

I think it has registered a concrete plan on how Lukashenko will take sovereignty.

At the same time, is unacceptable that the current regime abuses committed by its own citizens. A reasonable step would be to decrease the level of contacts. I believe that certain personal sanctions could come back.

But there is another aspect. It seems that Lukashenko during the elections received carte blanche from Moscow. On the other hand, the Kremlin indicates Lukashenko in his place. Lack of formal greetings from Medvedev shows that Moscow does not want to treat Lukashenko as an equal partner, shows him in his place. And I think that is prescribed a specific plan, as Lukashenko will take sovereignty.

Here, the West's position is very important. It will be important not to recognize the agreements that may be signed illegitimate president. It is important to continue to do so in Belarus increased the portion of society that stands for independence and democracy and shared European values.

Tsigankov: Former presidential candidates are now behind bars. In your opinion, will they for some reason the secret diplomacy between Minsk and the West, that is, their release — in exchange for something?

Lahvinets: Return to normal relations can only occur when the presidential candidates and the peaceful protesters will be released. And if there is an objective study of the provocation, which occurred on December 19.



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