The Western powers gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler

The Western powers gave Czechoslovakia to HitlerAfter the annexation of Austria to the Reich in March 1938, Hitler turned his attention to the Czechoslovakia. It was a youthful government formed after the First World War, on the ruins of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Its municipal boundaries were conducted fairly carelessly, without regard to ethnic groups living. Thus, according to the census in 1921 in Czechoslovakia lived more than 3 million Germans, in other words about 23% of the total population (total Czechoslovakia population of 13.4 million people). Because in Berlin believed that the Sudetenland to Germany to pass.

In Prague alone is not risked conflict with Berlin. But her tightly, they believed the Czechs defended by international treaties. In January 1925 was signed the French-Czechoslovak agreement of alliance and friendship, May 16, 1935 was signed the Soviet-Czechoslovak agreement on mutual assistance. However, with regard to the Soviet Union, made a slip of the tongue Prague — Moscow could come to the aid only if France also honor its obligations.

But Paris did not fulfill their own responsibilities — September 15 premier-Minister Neville Chamberlain visited Hitler, he laid out his position, and on September 19 the ambassadors of Britain and France passed a joint statement by the Czechoslovak government, which must give way to the Reich areas dominated by the Sudeten Germans, in order to avoid European war. When Paris Prague reminded of his duty, he refused to meet them.

Although the USSR supported the Prague and was willing to assist her, even without France, the government Czechoslovakia chose to capitulate.

September 30, 1938 in Munich 4 representatives of the Western powers — premier-Minister of England, Neville Chamberlain, French Prime Minister Edouard Daladier, Germany's Chancellor Adolf Hitler and Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini — have signed an agreement on "settlement" of the territorial dispute. Representative of the USSR was not invited as a representative of Czechoslovakia, Prague fait accompli.

Germany passed the Sudetenland with the industry and resources during the period 1 to 10 October 1938. Instead, four majestic powers given security guarantees new borders of Czechoslovakia.

But by March 13, 1939 Slovak Nazis declared the "independence" of Slovakia, and was asked to "help" of the Reich. March 15 ready for such events, German troops marched into Czechoslovakia. Paris and London have expressed a "protest", but no action has been active. Chamberlain said in general that Czechoslovakia "sama" broke up, and if so, then London should not defend its territorial integrity.

For what Western powers handed Czechoslovakia?

English and Parisian politics reasonably believed that Germany will go to the East — this was a Hitler wrote in his book "Mein Kampf." The USSR was the danger to the West because the majestic powers easily passed all artificial education — Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia.

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