To a question about the separation of the Caucasus

To a question about the separation of the CaucasusThe problem of the North Caucasus — One of the hottest topics on the huge number of web sites, and it is not the case. Very close to our destruction of the USSR, are very hard for the people of the consequences, so forget about them. To my deep disappointment in the near future a lot of creators call to separate the Caucasus from Russia. In this case, this sin as liberals and statists. Leaving behind paid provocateurs (there are many), I wish to appeal to those who piously believe that in this case the other Russians expect "rivers of milk and milk and honey."

In my opinion, you follow the good tradition of our people twice to advance to the one and the same thing relating to the agricultural instrument.

In addition, no one of the carriers of this "idea" does not result in the mechanism for its implementation.
Well, let's for a moment imagine that some idiots have taken such a decision, and ask them a few questions.

1. Where is the boundary of the one, which will be the separation? Segodnyaschy? But in the Stavropol region, all have reason to believe that the left bank of the Terek-border settlement ordinary Cossacks. We will be there at the same time separating and areas inhabited by Nogai? And this Stavropol edge and Astrakhan. Areas of the Krasnodar Territory and Rostov Region is also not inherited from Rurik, and people living there are not monoethnic. South of — the granary. How is meant to feed the country, giving the black earth area?

2. What will do with the Russian population (and not just with him) not currently living in the countryside Caucasus? Probably sitting in a greater degree in Moscow, "writers" imply that they will be populated Siberia and the Far East. The truth themselves "creators" in Siberia from Moscow apparently will not go. It is destiny "rednecks."

3. The problem of "separation" of Chechnya has one times were when intoxicated "father of the nation". It ended the invasion of the bandits in Dagestan and that of the blood, that the elimination in 1991 of Dudayev and his metropolitan patrons, it may seem the greatest act of humanity, comparable to the activities of Mother Teresa.

4. By — since even one nuclear warhead can cause a lot of problems can be guaranteed to say that at the separate areas Caucasus will be many "humanitarian" missions, NATO and other comrades, including appropriate "bells and whistles" in the form of cruise missiles.

The list can be long off the beaten arguments about the position of Tatarstan, to rewrite the Constitution and refinement of new funds for closed borders.
I do not suffer from pessimism and believe that the establishment of order in the Caucasus, and of the whole country can be. Yes, it will have to make tough unpopular measures.

Namely, the nationalization of big business without what-or compensation, the introduction of stricter practices penalties for corruption, the introduction of confiscation of property for the commission of these crimes in its form, in which it was in the Code of the RSFSR, the report of State. officials and referees at first about their own expense, to check this information and automatic dismissal from office in identifying non-compliance.

From the foregoing, it follows that such a separation can be only in the substitution of RF power to the one that is able to act decisively in restoring order and the rule of law, but whether in this case would be for someone to separate?

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