To illumine the ranks of Russian astronauts remains of servicemen

By the fall in the ranks of the Russian cosmonauts will not remain soldiers

Russian cosmonauts to illumine the military will be dismissed from the armed forces, then in Russian astronaut will only civilians. But they will be more.

"Today, from the ranks of Sun laid off in store 12 members of the Russian astronaut. Expected in August ordered the dismissal of another 5 people, then in the squad remains the military," — told "Interfax" Astronaut Training Center (CTC).

They explained that after removing the shoulder straps astronauts will write letters of application to their squad astronauts as civilian professionals and remain in their own previous positions. With all of this will increase the number of astronauts.

"July 31, seven candidates passed the test cosmonauts Municipal exam. A final decision on awarding them the title and enrollment in squad Interdepartmental Qualification Commission will accept August 3, "- said the CPC. They noted that, most likely, in squad Astronauts will be credited all seven candidates.

In late February, the CPC (Star City) was excluded from the list of organizations in which military service is provided. Military personnel of the Center offered to resign from the service or, or translated into other parts of the armed forces.

Media reported that Center astronaut training could lose more than 200 soldiers in the state: instructors, pilots and technicians serving aviation CPC, as astronauts wearing epaulets.

With all this power at the Centre noted that the dismissal threatens the most prepared and experienced personnel CPC including instructors who prepare astronauts for flight, and the pilots who deliver crews to the Baikonur cosmodrome.

July first known member of the first group of astronauts, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Alexei Leonov in his own interview with fierce criticism has fallen on the authorities, he said, almost ramshackle Russian astronautics. Leonov expressed the view that the Ministry of Defence has committed a severe mistake, virtually eliminating several renowned flight school. And may soon reach the point that the space will send guest workers.

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