To the common denominator

To the common denominator

Tax adviser Kirill Nikitin — why in Russia can not be military to military

Strained inventing arguments made by the United Russia party against Franz Klintsevich idea of levying an additional tax on the perpetual draft evaders, commentators have missed the chance to discuss the ordinary, though a sudden and fundamentally correct statement of the deputy of the issue of the tax actually own temper conscription in the modern Russian Federation, which allows to come to quite different, if the creator of the idea, conclusions. Let's try to make up for the omission.

Thus, the deputy chairman of the Duma Defense Committee proposes to introduce draft dodgers additional tax, the obligation to pay is terminated upon reaching the age of 60 years or service in the Armed Forces of the call, and the fees are sent a reasoned manner "in support of the Armed Forces." Colleagues of Mr. Klintsevich on the committee think more widely, speaking on additional benefits fulfilled military type of non-competition obligation to the universities (probably on cheap seats) and the civil service, and even discussed by the Committee on Defense bold ideas of the ban on civil service employment dodgers (at the same time, which is already there, referring to her fulfillment of the obligations of the deputy city council).

As we noted earlier, the Constitution lays down on the Russian people to the state of only two duties: "legitimately pay applicable taxes and fees" and "defend the fatherland." And immediately offers a wide range of rights and freedoms, going far beyond the fact of human rights, de facto declaring the paternalistic nature of the country, which, in the absence of its own funds, shall at the expense of redistributive tax system (greater-then there is no place) to ensure the creation of a number of public goods its citizens, regardless of their contribution to the funding.

Anything that offers the deputy Klintsevich — is bring both duties exchanged Russian citizen on a set of rights, freedoms and benefits to a common denominator, the universal equivalent, in other words money. Do not go to serve on the call — pay personal income tax rate of double time. Do not like it — go serve and perform; military (He is already tax) Debt "in kind". And go Justify that double the rate — it is not cheap, to those who do not remember a really long-standing history in the remaining time of peace without legs private.

The only thing lacking in this common idea — so it's logical conclusion. In truth, if it compulsory military service for one year and is equal to 13% of their income to the merits of 60 years, why not offer as a function of a two-year term of service with the following full exemption from income tax? For connoisseurs of the tax legislation, I note that the personal income tax goes to the regional budget and local budgets, but with the full subsidy of the federal budget do not see the difficulty with additional compensation for lost income transfers. He served two years, went out of the competition (without examination, that there) to the economical place in the university — and straight to the civil service (the personal sector, which will contain all of this economy, the ability to bid for the job offer yet cast). Or, on the skinny end to urban MPs — you can too without competition (ie elections). Here is logically imposed and the establishment inflated to 26% personal income tax rates for women (not just serve — despite the fact that the Constitution for their exclusion does not) with the decline of, say, 5% for every born child (that's for you and cleaner pro-birth mother's capital ).

Naturally, sad liberals make the objection that the debate needs to build a fundamentally different direction. Do service in the armed forces volunteer. Provide who gave military debt is non-competitive admission to the economical place in the university, and the payment of the state (including the method of allocating more economical places to available funding) study enrolled the student in a general way, which committed after graduation to serve — or have already served (as in the United States with its Reserve Officers Training Corps). Thus ensuring that social work makarom lift which called "equal access to high education." To establish that the passage of compulsory military service and in the upcoming regular duties provides additional municipal pension. In short, to make the service pretty, including using as a leveling mechanism of income inequality, which is a natural attribute of the modern capitalist system in which we live and will live while not leveling with violence ("Go Serve") or redistributive taxation, and through the creation of positive incentives.

But we all know that all these liberasticheskie recipes taken from "amerikosov" does not take into account our specificity. That is, namely, the fact that a significant portion of society seriously believes taxes — a punishment, but people do not pay their bureaucrats employed for the creation of public services, the civil service — the limit of career aspirations, and not one of the — it is far not the most prestigious — the employment alternatives, and service in the Armed Forces — doomed to remain for a long time such a painful duty, which must be likely to exhaust all methods of criminal responsibility to an overvalued taxation and ban "deviators" access to the sweet fruits of public service.

And here too — one of the 2-either we win the specifics, or it will overcome us.

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