To the days of memory and mourning the victims of the Nazis NTV issued for the victims of the USSR

By the Day of Memory and Grief NTV victims of the Nazis issued for the victims of the USSRThe other day, a demonstration of anti-Soviet propaganda film "CCC" channel NTV showed the story of the so-called "Mass casualties Dubovsky NKVD in the forest." He, too, of course, nasty fake — this time Russian authorities attributed the victim's fascist war and civilian dead kids.

We give two configurations without detailed analysis of the fakes.

First — the historian Lev Vershinin:

In the forests of the Voronezh region searchers made a terrible discovery. At the site of the former range of the NKVD enthusiasts unearthed another great burial of victims of political repressions …

Chill on the skin:

"In the middle shot is ladies and even the kids …".

"In a few layers of stacked piled on each other human remains …"

"On the terrible last days of life of these people show broken bones of hands and feet, broken jaw …"

"With two handcuffed prisoners have not removed even after the shooting …"

In one of the graves "found the everyday prison mug. Prisoner may not even know that lead him to be shot, because out of the barracks with personal items … In the pits lie glasses, pince-nez, found even eye prosthesis."

"Silver earring, comb, ladies' buttons — confirm that there are ladies in the middle of those killed."

"A gem of the 53rd hole shot by the shocking conclusion … In the preparatory professional, small bones of the hands and feet — the remains of kids 12-13 years old. Confidently call cause death no one can. Fully maybe kids were shot. As the body 4 kids were in the pit along with казненнымиполитзаключенными, now we can only guess. "


At this stage of the absurd quickly pass the nerves even hardened nepolzhivosti "memorialtsev." Someone Bityutsky looking at Voronezh, frankly admits: "The archives of the case files I have not seen any cases of harassment or even less execution of minors." True, here and recalls, "But there are documents that the authorities could shoot kids from 12 years of age. It was about the winding up of native high-ranking officials."

It can be realized.

For such sedition and can not be good.

But the "Stalinist system — writes Larisa Vasilyeva, By studying on the subject all that could be studied, and never a Stalinist, in his book "The kids Kremlin" — did not kill babies "enemies of the people" and "traitors", it is not clear to me even no girls or boy's name from the Kremlin cells caught in the camp, "explaining further that" children's camp "were all the same, but only for the small fry who have committed serious criminal wrongdoing.

A Light Tukhachevskogo Veta Gamarnik Peter Yakir, Seva Blucher and the rest of the rest, the rest going through spetsdetdoma fully flourished already under Stalin. Later, many became prominent dissidents, and Serge Sheboldaev jumped even the deputies of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin spill and successfully breaking out of the alliance. Moreover, even their peers, themselves, as Anatoly Zhigulin, playing politics beyond foul, received a minimum. In connection with the minority.

The only (only, emphasizes Larisa Vasilyeva!) for the entire Stalinist period exception — the 17-year-old Yuri Kamenev, the son of the very Kamenev and Trotsky's nephew, my mother, in the midst of "Ezhovschyna" voluntarily went to see my mother-in link with greetings from the "uncle Lev's from Mexico." Persuaded him not to go to all of the relatives to the school principal. "But he insisted. And do not come back. They took him in Gorky together with my mother. Were shot" — in this case without a trial, the decision of the local authorities have embarked on their ears from that vestonoshi.

And apart from that.

Punitive machine in those years was not humane, but Straseni fastidious. All researchers and all memoirs, not agreeing in nothing else, agree that once it was about capital punishment, a small detail, a record and signature recorded everything from arrest to burial. Straight to the point and at last check, having ascertained the turmoil (for example, not to Ivan Ivanov brought), prisoner were not shot, but were driven back, I was on the right. And all the procedures have been worked out yat. If "With things on the way out" — that with things, and if "no things", no "prison mugs", (state property were selected during the search, the output from the camera!), And even more so, "handcuffs".

Would have been in the system crashes?


But as isolated exceptions.

And under no circumstances would not flow.

So, do not blame me, to the great sorrow rukopozhatnyh, no it's not "political prisoners" and who could lie in these forest pit near Voronezh here now, behold, — whole families, with moms, dads, with bobby pins, mugs, glasses and pince-nez — taking into account that the Germans were in those places were quite long, and in plain clothes all the colors frolic with all my heart, "guessing" no need. "Flatten ends meet the strength, I think, is not only a creative individual, but even a kangaroo.

In general, kangaroos are not related order.

But the "human rights activists" — and did not rule out the possibility that, in connection with another surge of interest in the Katyn — correctly instructed: in August, "the alley of memory Dubovsky forest" should be reburied specifically "a victim of political repression" — the only way. In another strip off allowances.

Second analysis — from blogger visionarys:

"NTV showed in the news story, highly recommend to read.


Briefly the essence of the plot is this: a group of archaeologists found a common burial of victims of political repression. You do not have to ask, how to determine what is specifically "political prisoners" — no answer.

One can and do not ask what caused this shot, not killed in battle or hospitals in the plot alleged that it failed to install because of the fragmentation of the skulls.

You do not have to ask how determined the people were shot NKVD — no answer.

You do not have to ask why in the story at first honorary historian says that the documents talking about kids executions in the Soviet Union does not exist, and later goes straight turnaround.

Interestingly more. In the story a couple of times flickers appropriate subject
By the Day of Memory and Grief NTV victims of the Nazis issued for the victims of the USSR

This handcuffs, but in the Soviet Union looked like handcuffs
By the Day of Memory and Grief NTV victims of the Nazis issued for the victims of the USSR

And the fact that we litsezreem in the plot, it is the German Handcuffs Hamburg-8, the company Kayser, they belonged to the 30s in service with the German police.
By the Day of Memory and Grief NTV victims of the Nazis issued for the victims of the USSR

Of course, the handcuffs were made in Germany in the pit strictly as Russian handcuffs rapidly overheat and fail.

You can understand television channel NTV, which is currently trying with similar heresy to "confirm" the accuracy of the dumb agitation film "I Serve the Russian Union", which build on the municipal channel in the day on June 22, not lust or one ordinary people.

It is said that "Dubovka located on the left bank, and the Germans were just on the right."

In 1-x, is, of course, not quite so.

That still left on? Dispersed the remains of our fire departments, the enemy broke into the bargain. It is necessary to think even the Germans were sure surprised at the ease with which they managed to capture the bridge and turn on the left bank of Voronezh. Following along the tram tracks, they quickly came to a small area, formed by the merger of the street named Heroes of the Stratosphere with Leninsky Prospekt.

Silence met the invaders on the left bank. The sprawling road from the junction in three different directions, the square towered several high-rise buildings, one of them with the highest tower and the observation deck on the roof. Froze motionless on the tracks trams. The remaining residents still in the area, for sure, suddenly beheld with wonder on the streets of the left bank of angular tanks with crosses and looks about the German fighter.

Having occupied the area, the enemy squad was occupied expand the bridgehead. Motorcyclists headed for exploration with a view to find out whether the coming unoccupied areas of the left side of our units. Meanwhile, the main body of the detachment began to set up a defensive perimeter around a bridgehead, and the tanks and the group moved down the street engineer named Hero of the stratosphere in the direction of the aircraft factory and plant addition. Globe and aircraft factory building of the plant were from Vogresovskogo bridge less than a mile away, and soon the Germans were here.


But even if the Germans got specifically to Dubovka to stay a few miles away from her, as it provides us? To quote outlook:

When Fritz broke into the city — there were approximately 200 thousand peaceful inhabitants who had not managed to get away to the East. Six months of the front line ran through the town of Voronezh and in fierce fighting. The city has been turned into ashes. After the winter 43rd Nazis threw her from the town, of course, began to gather in the ruins of unidentified corpses and burying their inhabitants.

The complexity of tasks: to bury a lot of bodies in the winter, in the fierce frost and frozen ground, I believe you to see yourself. And naturally, for burial in the suburbs of Voronezh chose the coming place with sandy soil. Dubovka.

(source of the quotation)

And here's another mass grave in Dubovka:

By the Day of Memory and Grief NTV victims of the Nazis issued for the victims of the USSR

There is another fascinating quote:

By bombings, shootings and fires killed many soldiers and the civilian population. The main places of burial tombs were number 9 and number 11 Somovo in Dubovka. Now they are in the school yard and the number 56 on the ground of pioneer camp.

There are Another very fascinating study DUBOVSKAYA on graves.

40% of women indescribable way knocked out of the firing statistics of the USSR.

Increased attention to the plot NTV lure embarrassed about the remark, that, say, just talk about the fact shooting hard because of the strong fragmentation of the skulls. Also, a word about the "broken bones of hands, feet, broken jaw." Which again leads to the idea that most of these people died from bombings and shootings. Because the grave is not so little and give there is Babes. Bombs do not choose the gender and age.

Coupled with the dead civilians and intercessors Voronezh would be buried human bodies captured from the Nazis. Hence the German handcuffs on his hands, try to take off without their keys. "

PS Revisions: In our view, stay in control of their own positions of the municipal channel, produces a fake anti-state and anti-historical, unacceptable and inappropriate. First, in July in Russia scheduled public events designed to inform officials, decision makers, this worldview. We will report on them separately and make the effort to the expression of this view was our common and widespread.

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